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    29 12.83%
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    Quote Originally Posted by NSrm View Post
    Yeah, the greedyness from blizzard has reached new limits. This is pure p2w unarguably.
    what exactly will you win with a fresh 90 when the level cap is 100?

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    I have one of each class at 90 already. I'm not completely sure what I'm going to use the free one for at this point.

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    Sitting on 18 90's and a few close to it no need to buy them leveling is a joke

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kylecat15 View Post
    I cant fathom why you would want to keep spending $15 to have a level 90.. the level process is seriously not that hard..

    I would never do it, blizzard gets enough of my money as is
    Depends entirely how you value your time. If you get paid $7.45/hr and the cost of WoW is BattleChest (20), MoP (30), and WoD (40) we can determine it would be $90 to get a free level 90, meaning you would have to work 12.1 hours to break even. It takes AT LEAST 15 hours gametime just to ding 90 with heirlooms and Darkmoon Faire buff.

    It'd probably be worth it for most people, especially since "powerleveling" costs hundreds.

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