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    Serious or silly? Which are you hoping for from Warlords?

    To me Pandaria has been a sort of lighter themed expansion. No, I'm not talking about Pandas being silly and Blizzard "jumping the shark." I'm referring to the hundreds of silly jokes littering the expansion and Pandaland itself. From "I'll ook you in the dooker" to the Grummles, Pandaria has felt a bit more light-hearted than Burning Crusade, Wrath or even Vanilla. I'll admit I didn't play much of Cataclysm.

    I'm personally hoping Draenor is kept as a very hardened place. It appears to be a very barbaric land run my Warlords (hence the expansion title?) and I hope it doesn't lose that atmosphere by Blizzard packing in tons of pop culture reference and silly monkey men. I do know people like that, so I'm just curious as to who is hoping for what when it comes to this next expansion.

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    It already feels rather serious. Much less silly than MoP.
    We get some serious war focus, racial redemption and such. And we're gonna prevent the genocide of the Draenei. That's kinda serious.

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    Well, they already said it's going to be very "savage".

    So I'll take them for their word for now, but it's always subject to change. :P

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    MoD (atm) looks to be about the same silliness to Cata probably. I wold say Wrath, but wrath had some dark shit.

    We'll most likely only know when they release more info on, for example, the ending boss, the raids, the struggles of the NPCs. I'm going with Cata, for comparison purposes.

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    Something to do with riding a Iron-Horde Cannon Gronn

    Lots of little references to TBC would be nice to see both silly and lore related.

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    Brown and Black orcs and now because of Kargath Bladefist Ash colored orcs.

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    It already looks a lot more serious, and I'm glad for that. Had enough "ook you in the dooker" stuff to last a while personally :P
    I want WoD to be very serious, dark, scary, hopeless, etc.

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    There's definitely a more serious theme this time.

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    Look at my signature, now back at this expansion, now at the word "Savage," now back at this expansion.

    I think you know where I come down on this issue. MoP was fun, and it was a good change of pace. But I think WoD is also a good change of pace from "world ending evil" to "world conquering evil"
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    I've been told it's very savage.

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