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    Anyone else?

    Is anyone else super excited to see the Draenor Nagrand? I mean, the Nagrand in Outland was one of my favorite places for many different reasons. I'm sure the one in Draenor has to be, for the most part, Identical in theme and scenery. That being said, the new updated graphics in the zone will probably make it even more enjoyable. Who else can't wait?

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    I saw concept art of it. It looked amazing.

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    Apparently, there'll be less floating islands, but they did garantee that the zone had the same feeling as its outland counterpart.. Can't wait to see it.

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    Hell yeah, gonna be kiting people up to the islands and killing them so they have to take res sickness!

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    They said Nagrand was the least affected of all the Outland zones, so it will look more or less the same as it is now. I'm more excited about seeing the most affected zones: Netherstorm/Farahlon, Blade's Edge/Gorgrond, Hellfire Peninsula/Tannaan, and Shadowmoon.

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