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    I would be aware that the enrage for the first few kills will be slightly tight, I mean we 3 tank and 3 heal it. Which makes this fight on 10m slightly rough but It didn't take us more than a night for it. One thing you can do which we did (down bot) was have the tank hold her in the middle and set up 4 markers like a square and move around them. Have your group start moving about 1-2 seconds before a storm comes out, we found this kept people from taking more damage then needed. (we had issues with prisons and mist coming out at the exact same time). More or less its about using raid cool downs effectively and having your ranged be on the ball with slimes. If your ranged are slow on killing them its REALLY slows down the fight.

    Overall progress

    Imm - 6 attempts
    Protectors - 5 attempts
    Nuro - 3 attempts
    Sha - 8 attempts
    Galak - 4 attempts
    Jugg - 12 attempts
    Shamans - 20 attempts
    Nazgrim - 3 attempts
    Malkorok - 30 attempts
    Spoils - 15 attempts in and its looking rough
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    having a monk tank for kiting slimes on kadris helps too, and another tip:
    Don't overestimate sha. It drops set tokens as well as good weapons and trinkets, and isn't all that difficult.

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    This thread is 7 months old. Haha.

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    Ouch lol, seen it up at the top and didn't see the date. Well hopefully some of the advice in here can help others looking for heroic shamans help.

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    we skipped iron jug, and had not yet attempted nazgrim. We killed it in about an hour with 3 tanks and 2 healers.

    This fight is mostly about ranged learning that they have to place vortexes in not-the-worst-place-possible, and its the first real check of 'do people know how to use their own personal cooldowns to save themselves'. The latter is probably why its considered the 8th boss to most.

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    7 months old info is pretty useless on most heroic bosses. People have health pools 150k+ HP larger now. Things like juggernaut 180° ricochet used to oneshot people, with 570+ they no longer do. Same goes for toxic mist ticks + comet impact on shamans, or iron prison + impact. Discs critting 700k+ shields on shamans make that encounter way easier than it used to be.

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    Yeah, I'm going to lock this due to the age of the thread. Anyone having questions or issues with this fight now can create their own thread and receive advice based more on how things are now than it was then.
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