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    Enchanted Fey Dragon - PTR?

    So I was messing around on PTR and someone flew into Shrine of Two Moons on a Enchanted Fey Dragon. Can you buy them somewhere on PTR now or what? I know they aren't out on live yet because there would be a post on Armory about it.

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    They were on the PTR always, but never went live (i think)

    Also they already confirmed that it's a store mount.
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    I already knew about them confirming it as a store mount. I just want to know if theres a vendor where I can buy it on PTR after seeing someone else using one on PTR because you cannot buy them from the blizzard store yet

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    I believe premade characters have random mounts, so that might be it.

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    You buy it and the money goes to sick kids, from what I heard. They'll be up within a month or two.

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