View Poll Results: What are you going to do till the release of the WoD?

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  • Alt leveling,gearing up.

    7 13.73%
  • Making gold as much as I can for WoD.

    11 21.57%
  • Freeze account, play something else.

    14 27.45%
  • Achievements/pet battle/pvp.

    10 19.61%
  • Just wander around the Azeroth, keep doing casual stuff.

    9 17.65%
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    Another MoP patch would delay WoD, so Patch 5.5 isn't going to happen.

    So what r u gonna do till the release of the WoD?
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    not much

    maybe level one each class to 90 and see if I can get a flex raid heirloom for each one
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    Mhrmm... stare longingly at the new character models each day, go to work, roleplay, do stuff on my main, work up the willpower to farm my qiraji battletank from archaeology and stuff! Especially stuff!

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    Reprogress SoO Heroic, Level some interesting alts to 90 perhaps, play dota 2, BF4 and DayZ.
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    Probably random BG's and Skyrim/Morrowind untill BF4 gets fixed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bercey View Post
    So what r u gonna do till the release of the WoD?
    - Farm flex wing 4 for the heirlooms
    - Get the tier 16 raidfinder gear on my paladin
    - Farm Dark Shaman for the transmog set
    - Complete Glory of the Orgrimmar raider
    - Complete Dragonwrath & Val'anyr (three more weeks then I have both^^)
    - Unsub and wait

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    Just playing like I did normally . Logging in and thinking of something to do, besides occasional raid.
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    stay unsubbed and resub before new xpac by 1 month or so

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    I'm a wait 'til the next expac drops - in the mean time, I've discovered the magic of League of Legends, oh noooo-

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    Unsubed, beta will decide my comeback. Playing WoT in the meantime.
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    Playing FF14 atm, what comes out of Beta will determine what I do long term. The new character models and the fact Draenei may be heavily used in this expansion has my wife's interest peaked so if she comes back I will. She got her Hunter leveled in MoP, did LFR once and said screw it.

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    no raiding option?

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    9/14 hc (spoils should die next reset) so i still got 4 bosses to go. Other than that idk. Some flex play maybe. Also i always wanted to have Draenei female ret paladin, so ill have to switch to silvermoon and start leveling a bit

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    farm gold so I can buy all the garrison stuff

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