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    King Terenas has returned....

    ...to advertise the new Emerald Hippogryph mount and recruit-a-friend program


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    ooh, read me a bedtime story pls!

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    And let the EPIC questing begin, i lold

    Brushing before eating breakfast seems about as silly as wiping before you poop.

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    They need to do this more, Make their youtube channel active, weekly videos etc =3

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    But why no Lorewalker Cho?.. I want more of Lorewalker's Cho voice!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Archaeon View Post
    In tbc everyone wished they were playing vanilla. In cataclysm everyone will wish they were playing wotlk.
    ^------True story!!
    Quote Originally Posted by TheLeafmuncher View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Pebrocks The Warlock View Post
    Where is this 2nd big major patch you speak of?
    It's on the alternative timeline.

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