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    Quote Originally Posted by AeneasBK View Post
    Fair enough; I've heard it referred to as "Aimless Isle" before. But do you feel they were generally negatively received? My experiences suggest no; the combination of random events; stuff to grind; rare mobs and catch-up mechanisms - including the mix-up of that Censor; I think for the size of the Isle, TI provided a lot of hours of gameplay. Certainly people aren't complaining as much about not having anything to do.

    I would imagine flying being restricted in future "similar-style" zones being a permanent feature. And I think it makes the experience more fun; I don't demand that you agree.
    For Timeless Isle, I think no flying adds a certain charm to it, though Isle of Thunder it just annoys me.

    But to have the entire continent be no flying for a while, plus have every current activity be no flying, completely marginalizes flying mounts, which I think do add something to the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captiosus View Post
    The current system (no flying until max cap and no BOAs allowing alts to leap forward into flying early) is perfect. The argument that flying "trivializes" the world content is ridiculous because world mobs are trivialized at level 100 once you start getting heroic dungeon gear. Being able to mount up and "avoid" combat is still going to be possible with a ground mount. Additionally, the danger element can be addressed through other means (see: old Ogri'la and Skettis dailies, being targeted by enemy faction flying guards) instead of just completely shutting off a 6 year old mechanic.

    As I said on the WoW forums: Having worked in software development, this concept of removing a 6 year old software design that customers have paid REAL MONEY to participate in is utterly foolish. Adding more hazards or changing the process up to make it more in line with their world design goals would be fine. Blocking it outright is just lazy ass design.
    Yeah years of leveling have gifted me with the ability to know how to actually run around mobs.. so yeah this no flying stuff is complete bullshit people will still avoid stuff just by running past it instead of flying over.

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    So, basically this is intended for the bad apples that like to grieve, because of the large amount of dynamic events they are adding. Still silly in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abstieg View Post
    For Timeless Isle, I think no flying adds a certain charm to it, though Isle of Thunder it just annoys me.

    But to have the entire continent be no flying for a while, plus have every current activity be no flying, completely marginalizes flying mounts, which I think do add something to the game.
    Agreed and comparing timeless isle to THE ENTIRE CONTINENT is not even like comparing apples to oranges.. no flying in a small compact questing zone fine no flying in the entire stage of the new expansion... why?

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    why don't they jut make ground mounts go 150% instead to make up for no flying until the first patch.

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    I don't get the crowd that wants FMs delete either.

    Like, are you that much of a spastic that when presented with a CHOICE, you choose an option you obviously don't like, then whine about it until the devs decide to remove it at which point you're happy everyone has to play the game your way?

    You want immersion? Don't fucking purchase a flying mount license.

    Joe wants convenience? Let him do whatever the fuck he wants. It doesn't affect your game in the slightest if he's flying about the place

    Oh and the "flying mounts dumb the game down" crowd should honestly just hurl themselves from a cliff at this point. Do you really, deep down, believe that WoW leveling content has *ever* been hard? I will tell you now, it hasn't. The only hard thing in the past was finding warm bodies for group quests. Other than that, WoW's leveling has always been a mindless 2button rotation fest.

    I'll tell you what dumbs the game down, really dumbs it down; 1 set of armour shared amongst 4 classes. Every possible bit of customisation to gear being removed. Haste breakpoints and DoT snapshotting being removed. That's dumbing down, not fucking the ability to fly over a mob I would have 2-shot anyway.

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    Signed up for tonight, hope I get it.

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    When are they sending out invites for the HS betakeys for testers of the battlenet client? Still haven't gotten mine yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shudder View Post
    We had this EXACT same argument back when they removed the portals. Remember those days? The Blizz apologists ran in saying good! Now people will go out and explore the world! What happened? It became world of queuecraft where everyone just sat there and refused to go anywhere unless summoned. One of the reasons this pissed me off, my garrison was going to be placed in shadowmoon, cause I like the idea of perpetual night. I'm horde. There is NO way I'm using a ground mount to go across the map every day to go to my garrison. Forcing people to either stay in cities or use flight paths is bad design. I'd explore more if I had a mount, not a flight path where I'm tabbed out.
    Yeah honestly even with people not noticing things as much while flying people wont notice anything at all when they alt tab during their flight path.

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    It's not such a bad move, really. This will be the first time (if they go ahead with it) that they haven't allowed the purchase of a flight license (or equivalent, as flying was a separate riding skill in TBC) when you hit a certain level. Having flying locked out in Draenor is going to make the new world very interesting. I like it. Chances are, though, that they will reconsider, as a large number of players are going to feel like Blizzard is taking away something very important to them. With enough uproar on the forums, they will definitely weigh up both possibilities: flight license at level 100 vs flight license patched in with 6.1.

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    If blizzard made an announcement tomorrow saying they're removing the ability to use flight paths and ground mounts and we all have to crawl on all fours till 6.1 these same people would be in hearing saying, "GOOD!". They'll just defend anything Blizzard says, it's quite amusing to watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abstieg View Post
    For Timeless Isle, I think no flying adds a certain charm to it, though Isle of Thunder it just annoys me.

    But to have the entire continent be no flying for a while, plus have every current activity be no flying, completely marginalizes flying mounts, which I think do add something to the game.
    I agree, they certainly add positive things to the game; I fly near everywhere and I'd be a massive hypocrite to say I don't appreciate it. And sometimes, on the Thunder Isle, when I wanted to get somewhere moderately far from the beach point; I'd get frustrated with the "daze" mechanic dismounting me. Very, in fact. But my memories of that isle would probably also be a lot fewer if I hadn't. Compared to Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm I think they put a massive amount of detail into the areas in Pandaria; both the release ones and the later ones. I play a lot and I probably have not yet found everything that is out there. I don't blame this solely at the feet of flying mounts; but it was certainly a feature. I'm just going to pause here for the generic "Nothing is stopping you stay on your ground mount if you want to" Well, no, nothing is except sometimes people focus more on the destination than the journey. Removal of flying makes us (forces us) play at a pace that lets us see it all.

    And they have already said "It won't be for ever!"

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    It should be blatantly obvious to everyone who watched/read all the blizzcon stuff that they have an explicit reason for removing flight until the first patch. A reason that did not exist for BC, Wrath, Cata or MoP. It's the simple fact that they are going to be doing timeless isle type stuff all over the place, with random rare/epic rewards tucked away in areas of the map that you might decide to explore. These rewards are obviously going to be at least on par with some entry-level raid kit, and so Blizz does not people flying around the world insta gearing their arses up, utterly trivialising the first tier. This is clearly the reason they are doing this, and once the second tier is out, they will happily turn it on again and people can get on with the usual WoW business of rushing through content as if the world is about to end.

    It's not like there won't be flight paths to pretty much everywhere you'll be wanting to get to anyway. You know, those things that people used all the way through Vanilla, because there was no flying at all until level 70. Or have people forgotten that those exist, because they use their flying mounts to go everywhere. The reaction a lot of people are going with, seems to imply that they had no clue about flight paths and were being forced to ride everywhere on land from the capital. Another reason why flying mounts are unecessary and game-breaking in so many ways: you already have flight paths to take you to pretty much every location.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamespud View Post
    I agree the people saying they are unsubbing over this are hilarious but in all honesty this wont fix exploration at all. You can still explore on your ground mount no one is restricting you in any kind of way whatsoever by having a completely optional feature known as a flying mount.
    True that, but lets say you wanna explore on the ground, with no intentions of PvPing, or you're just coming late into the expansion and actually forced on the ground, and a high level player from the opposite faction wanna gank/fight you, you're basically an easy target. Of course if you're also max lvl, you can only hope to notice him before he attacks you so you can mount up your flying quickly, but still it ruins the immersion of what you're doing. If you're not eligible for the flying mount (As in low lvl) you're basically fucked.

    Having to be equally "strong" on the mount side creates equal opportunities, nobody can chase you, try to attack you, they do some dmg, you still run away, they mount up their flying and catch you up in no seconds, with ground mounts you will have a way out, if they chase you and attack you, and you're still on you're mount and they mount up, they won't catch you, so that will often be seen as a decline to fight, unless they're persistent and follow you till the end of the world, which not that many cares to do.

    And with exploration on the ground brings less knowledge of the area around you, exploring on flying is easier, but you'll just see everything, I feel if you're doing it on the ground you'll be more surprised to what you'll find around you.

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    Didn't have a problem with it in previous expansions, and don't have a problem with it now. I'll still be purchasing and resubbing! I'd prefer to see flying available once you hit 100 (Or have it as a quest in the final area - whatever) but if I have to wait until 6.1 - I will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzo View Post
    When are they sending out invites for the HS betakeys for testers of the battlenet client? Still haven't gotten mine yet.
    I'm still to receive mine. I'll be up till sunrise at this rate :O

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    I love this idea and am now pretty hyped for the new expansion now.

    While it will deter some players from buying the game (not that many at all, people will through a fit and claim to unsub but in reality they won't), it is for the greater good. They explained it perfectly as to why they are going to restrict it and I can only hope they expand on that on phasing out flying as a whole from the game.

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    "Dr. Dre" he muttered to himself one last time in a calm reassuring manner before finally deciding to crash land into the moon and explode. His last thoughts were of his wife and children.

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    Maybe I don't want to kill every piddlin' piece of crap mob between the city and my daily chore zones for the umpteenth time for a solid month or two. It got pretty tiring dragging ghost pandas and angry yaks along the way to the upper level of the timeless isle.

    That's part of the reward for hitting max level... not having to deal with that piddlin' crap.

    Raids/PvP/dungeons really aren't equatable. If they were filled with mobs that were wholly killable by one person in a few button clicks, but were needlessly stacked end to end, then I'd be all for allowing flying mounts in them frankly.

    This wont drive people to "combat," it'll drive them to just 1) run through groups of mobs hoping they don't get dazed off 2) Take unnecessarily circuitous routes 3) AVOID areas with mobs and therefore not explore said places or 4) AFK while on flight paths.

    So immersive, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleredar View Post
    Hopefully this will put to rest the "flying mounts are the sux" crowd.

    Even if their skewed take on how they think other people need to enjoy the game still remains, the ACTUAL majority of WoW players will have to suffer something they never asked for. We'll see what they think... Whether they like to notion of doing things slower and more frustratingly, or whether they think disallowing the use of their hard-earned mounts for literally no good reason is bullshit.

    I'm going with the latter.
    Mhm, the fanboys will literally defend anything. The majority of players who don't go on forums are going to shit bricks when they go around trying to find the guy selling flying at 100. They'll lose a ton of subs and then they'll revert it and spend months in interviews saying how they regret it bla bla same ol same ol.

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