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    Quote Originally Posted by Killyox View Post
    That's something they already explained. Won't bother repeating them. You should analyze it if you don't understand it well enough to comapre rogue's vanish to being able to fly away.
    Their explanation was very underwhelming. It didn't address the fact that one cannot mount if you are already in combat; you can skip combat with a mount but you cannot escape it once it begins. Similarly, rogue/druid's stealth cannot be cast while in combat but CAN be used to skip combat. A rogue's vanish and a hunter's feign death CAN be used to escape combat and therefore, their existence in the game seems to challenge Blizzard's given reason for disallowing flying mounts.

    It's pretty obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that this change has nothing to do with "combat".
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    you can fly in this game?

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    Sigh, and I thought I got Hearthstone key cause Blizz likes me >.>

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    I found it as usual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerchunk View Post
    This seems so obvious. Do they really believe they can make flying feel like a "reward" by taking it away from us and then making us work our asses off to get it back?

    Why don't they just man up and say "It's hard to design content around flying, so we don't want to do that" and own it. All this bullshit "we want it to feel epic again" mumbo-jumbo is just making it seem like they're afraid to admit what the real reasons are.

    Getting your first ground mount felt new and epic and awesome too, so why not take those away and make us re-earn them? Oh, right, because that would be ridiculous. It's NEVER going to feel "epic" to unlock flying ever again. The time has past. Now it just feels like "Oh, thank God I can fly AGAIN."
    Wow you are so deluded it's not funny. Designing content around flying isn't the problem. Flying is to "safe"
    you can bypass all the mounts and obstacles. You miss out on the world pvp that is happening, and just cc and fly away.
    How is that fun? You get someone down to 10% they cc and fly away because they know they are going to die.
    Also you just seem so butthurt that you wont be able to fly until later patches if not ever. Cause your scared of world pvp and are a coward.
    Or your just some lazy fuck who wants to ruin the game for the rest of us who put time in and want to feel some challenge.
    Point is your a bratty, thick, imbocile

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