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    Need some help with tracking incoming Heal in WeakAuras

    Hi, i play a restoration druid and want to know if players step on my blooming floor.

    I dunno if this can be realized with "UNIT_HEALTH_PREDICTION" telling me the uid of incoming heal.
    there is not much information about this inc heal stuff, so my idea was in rough thoughts:

    1. is mushroom planted - yes
    2. mushroom ticks for an amount of heal without using "Wild Mushroom: Bloom"
    3. so who receives the healing of this mushroom?
    4. highlight the names of players in e.g. vuhdo who are entering my mushroom area ( combat log says "you skill heals player for amount" ) <- that recognition is the key.. the combat log knows...ah there is someone who receives healing from this nice mush area..

    but.. who do i get this in proper code.. any idea?

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    Good morning, well i got it almost done.. i used the following in WA :

    Create->New->Text .. then Trigger (i hope its called that in english locale, i use german Auslöser). Using Event->Combatlog
    then Spell on the Left and Heal on the right.. i checked Sourceunit and choose Self, because i guess just my Spell is interesting, Spellname is ehm "blooming" mine in german locale is Erblühen.. but you can check this easy if you watch your combat log.. "Your <skill> heals <player>..blabla".

    The problem i still have is .. i get my Msg on Screen that someon is in the area but i dont know how to parse the <player> from the log.. it's kinda difficult for me.

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    WA1 only

    Thinking of a more silly way to do it is (as long as you don't have the glyph) just get the player coordinates on whom you put the Shroom beneath, then use those coordinates and LibMapData to check who is technically in range of your Wild Mushroom... however that's overkill and won't work if there is no map info available
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