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    Proving Ground is pissing me off as a WW monk

    Seriously how do people able to do fast damage

    My gear atm is

    Yet trying to find decent 1h weapons though

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    Gear won't help since you are scaled down, Just try to build up the Brew ASAP and don't waste it on low HP Mobs

    On multiple Mobs that are split up use the Ghosts, they are pretty nifty to deal with those.

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    Use Storm, Earth, and Fire on every. Single. Wave. (Except the big sha mobs that come by themselves)

    Save Xuen for the 5, 10, 15 and so on levels.

    Getting better weapons won't help, all your gear scales down to ilvl 463. Dual wielding will help if you enchant both with dancing steel since you'll get more procs from having two enchants versus one.

    Make sure you have agi food and flasks.

    Recommend chi wave vs burst or zen sphere

    Use roll and FSK (flying serpent kick) to maximize your up time on things.

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    Did you use the reforger @ the PG entrance? I haven't checked this firsthand, but apparently the downscale that happens can wind up giving you far more hit etc than you actually need, so you might be losing out on more dps than you're thinking.

    Only other advice I can give is that each wave is static (ie, wave 8 is the exact same thing each time), so just build your strat and keep at it. You'll figure out what kill order works best for you, etc. Solving that is the most fun that PG has to offer really.
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    Let's see.. it's been a while since I did it but I got gold, here's what I remember.

    Make heavy use of Storm, Earth and Fire. It's great because they automatically go behind stationary targets so you can set them on the guardians that shield from the front and they'll still bet taken down. Those guys are mostly low priority targets though, so set them on mobs that can make a difference instead.

    For example, use it on the bannana monkeys, rather than run around chasing them around yourself. All you have to do is keep moving and you won't be hit by bannanas. Just run circles around whichever other mob you're killing until it's dead. It's good to set one on an Amber Weaver to take it down until it's on -very- low hp, but not quite dead. It can keep generating orbs you can use to stun other mobs to make them take increased damage, and then when you're done you can just give it a whack and it's dead.

    Position other enemy mobs between yourself and any Amber-Weavers so you can make use of them stunning the other mobs.

    Don't forget your CCs; Paralysis and Leg Sweep can also function as cast interruptions if that mystic is about to get a healer off or something.

    Kill Mystics first; always best option to get the healer out of the way first. Though naturally, you'll want to kill any Banshees that spring up - because it's over if one of them detonates.

    Beserk buffs pop up, one at Wave 4, and another later on but forgot when, save them for when you need them. I usually run with Rushing Jade Wind but for proving grounds I had to use Xuen in order to pull off the burst dps needed, along with Tigerseye Brew and the beserk buff in order to kill the large Sha. Speaking of which, know when you can use Xuen and when you can't because you might need it for the next round. You'll definitely want it for Wave 10, but with the 3 min CD the latest you can use it before then is Wave 7.

    It took me a few tries and it really might just mean experimenting with which bosses are worth getting out of the way first. But my usual priority was Banshee, spirit clone on the bannana monkey, kill mystic / healer, and that's about it. The guardians and slayers are pretty inactive so you can leave them be but if you can spare a clone, slap one on them and take them down with others simultaneously. The amber weavers can be helpful as you can use them to stun mobs and make them take damage (though if I remember correctly it doesn't work on Sha so just kill them when you come to face Sha!) Your total damage output between all mobs is increased with clones out. 100% on your own, 70% with two clones out, and 55% with three of you out. But if you're doing a little over half damage against three mobs at once, that's worth it in the long run.

    Best you can do is just practice and don't just try again if you fail. Really think, each time, where you went wrong, what mistakes you made, what cooldowns you should've saved etc, and act on them.
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    The real reason this was hard for me as a WW monk was, for reasons unknown, I had 10% hit 8.5% expertise in normal gear due to shitty luck, but the scale down mechanic put me at something like 5.5% hit and expertise. I could never figure out why, but every time I seemed to get an unlucky miss streak on a banshee or something and wipe. Also like 25% of the time I would summon a storm earth and fire ghost on an add and it would run to the add and despawn, costing me a GCD for nothing. Still not quite sure what caused that.

    With everything working properly, I think WW monk is actually fairly strong for proving grounds because we have great on demand burst with tigereye, amazing multi target cleave or full AoE with storm earth and fire, and very good mobility. It is just kind of unforgiving of small mistakes or bad luck streaks.

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    A week or so after the patch came out that added proving grounds, I decided to go in there and get the titles for all 3 roles on my monk.

    The DPS one was pretty easy for the most part as long as you keep to simple rules like Xuen on 5's and 10's (big sha) and thats also when you wanna pick up the little damage increase buffs that lay around on the ground and stack it with full stacks of tigereye brew. Mastering storm earth fire is the key to getting the title and getting high in endless difficulty, it really kinda trivializes a lot of it to be honest because you basically just burn down one guy and your copies nuke down two others at the same time. I do NOT use copies on the banana throwing jerkoffs because they move around really fast and in my experience at least the copy had trouble keeping up with them and keeping persistent damage on them.

    The only real wave I ever had any trouble on at all was, I believe the wave 3's. It's been a while so I could be remembering things a little off, but I believe that wave started off with 2 banana throwers and then a shit ton of adds in the center but they were spread out too far apart to aoe them all simultaneously. This, for me, was the most challenging wave of all of them, especially in the higher waves like 53, 63, etc. But to deal with this, I basically divided them up into like a square pattern in my head and I aoe'd one section and had my copies each AOEing 2 other sections, so 3/4 of the square was being aoe'd and killed at the same time. Obviously you gotta put up the rising sunkick buff for extra damage and make sure tiger palm buff is up. After those 3 sections were dead, you just aoe the 4th section once again, but you're doing full damage this time around since your copies are gone with their sections already being dead. The add's are shaped in kind of a star pattern, so i basically put a copy halfway down the left arm, a copy halfway down the right arm, then I positioned myself between the 2 legs. Then all that was left after was the "head" segment of the 5 point star.

    Anyway, not sure what you're having trouble with exactly, but that particular wave was terrible for me as a WW monk. It's kinda funny how different classes struggle with different waves, my hunter for example murdered the 3's waves as probably the single most cake wave there is and had trouble on other waves.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also wanted to add if you want to REALLY maximize your efforts and do as much dps as possible to get really high times or if you're just struggling to get the title or whatever you're going for, there are certain ways you can make your gear better. The stats and shit on gear it's self scales down, but gems do not. Any item with more gem slots will net you more stats, this is especially true for any weapons from the first couple of MOP raids that you can add that extra gem socket to from wrathion, especially dual wielding because it nets you two extra gems.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh one more thing I forgot about wave 3 that I just remembered. I save up 10 stacks of TEB before going into it, and start right in the center of the room. As soon as the wave starts and all the shit spawns, do your leg sweep to AOE stun both monkeys on top of all the little adds, pop TEB and aoe the shit out of all of them while they're all stacked up. Then you kill the monkeys and go back and do the star thing.

    Like I said, it's been a while for me. :P
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