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    Red face List of possible spec concepts. Share yours if you have others!

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    Let's discuss about what will be possible to release as a class or spec concepts. What can still join WoW?

    Death Knight
    Corruption: debuffing role, Corrupted Presence (purple one) would be cool, focusing on shadow/arcane abilities.
    Necromancy: many players see the necromancer concept only possible to fit with the DK. Honestly I think that a DK has already its dark spec as unholy, and by the way there will be no sense about a ranged/caster DK.

    Feral Combat
    Trance or Dream: this would be the Dreamer. There are a lot of stuff related to the Emerald Dreams and would fit perfectly into druids. It may focuses into powerful direct heals intead of hots. I see druids, like priests, the only 2 classes able to have 2 healing specs.

    Beast Mastery
    Shadowhunt: from the loved Dark Ranger of Wc3, a spec that improves/grants shadow dots combined with arrows. Quick attacks and evasive defense.
    Gunshot: improves pistols and rifles, and adds the cool dual-pistol. Too much out WoW? Remember that Blizzard is going out of Wc3 more and more on every expansion. I personally would find it nice anyway.
    Headhunt: it would be a kind of melee hunter, similiar to rogues, with bleeding attacks, but should be revisited all the hunter mechanics because Blizzard removed melee things from the hunter.

    Earth: I wouldn't dislike a nature-based dps mage, dealing damage with ground spikes and other brown/green stuff.
    Summon: BM hunters improve beasts, Demo locks improve demons, Sum mages improve elementals. Fair enough!

    Stormseer: offensive range spellcaster (arcane and nature/frost for many water spells)
    Sunflyer: melee/low-range healer. The very quick movements available to Monks, make this class the only possible one (druids also maybe) to host a melee-healing spec. I would really love to see this concept ingame.

    Devotion: the so-known shockadin, range spellcaster dps. Exorcism main ability.

    Inquisition: offensive melee spellcaster (can tank probably) that fights with staves and one-hand maces. A fanatic of the sacred with main CC named Crucifixion and a powerful spell named Stake that deal holy + fire damage (deal extra damage if target is stunned under Crucifixion). If you think that the inquisitor concept fits better with paladins, you are wrong, because paladins are into "political theme" while priests are into "religious theme".

    Shadowstalker: a rogue focusing on shadow abilities and molesting girls.

    Earthmend: In WoW already exist earthmenders among npcs. I don't know what they do in particular, but I guess they are those Shaman tankers that we all want to see in game.

    Dark Arts: Shadow direct-damage dealer.

    I don't see anything else for Warriors. Blademaster? Not sure it can be found another Warrior spec. Maybe one that improves three-handed melee weapons?

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    Read it somewhere: Blood Mage.
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    - Judgement; Instant
    - Holy Shock; Instant (Generates Holy Power)
    - Exorcism; Instant (Generates Holy Power)
    - Holy Wrath; Instant (Costs 3 Holy Power) (This version does more concentrated damage to a single target)
    - Inquisition; Instant (Costs Holy Power)
    - Hammer of Wrath; (Target At 20% Health)
    - Consecration; (Place-able AoE) (This version also slows movement speed on enemies standing in it)
    - Seal of Truth; (This version allows spells to place a censure dot on the target)
    - Art of War; Passive (Spells have a % chance to reset the cool down on Exorcism)
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    I would love a spec that could switch stances, one melee one ranged. Would require heavy balancing though but would be fun to play.

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    shield master :O!
    duel shield.
    shield slam like attacks

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    I made up a bunch of potential 4th specs that can be read here:


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    Shadowstalker: a rogue focusing on shadow abilities and molesting girls.
    :I Ok then
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    :I Ok then
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    Shaman: Please give one element per specc <3 Enhancement 100% Lightning, with lots of fast attacks and movement, and you get the rest. New specc would be
    Earthwarden ofc, tanking specc with core ability being Stone-Skin and Earthshield on self.

    Hunter: Headhunter ofc! Melee specc, using traps and bleeds.

    Paladin: Kinda liked yours tbh. A proper holy dps specc, kinda like Discipline but pure damage.

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    Redo Unholy DK:

    Make it caster dps, so Frost shifts a bit into slow 2H massive hits, or faster 2x 1H crits. Unholy is ranged, uses death coil and other ranged abilities and can shapeshift into a Lich like Metamorphosis. I think this was always lacking with the original release of Dks.

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    I feel like warriors are difficult, because they, are not defined enough, Arms should feel more knightly (or something to that effect), fury more savage or barbaric, and prot really feels pretty tanky already. Fury and Arms make it difficult to provide a fourth spec, and its difficult to add to warriors, because if you add any sort of damage aside from physical, then you drift into the realm of DK's and pally's.

    Maybe a chain attacker spec, except you would be able to do chain abilities and have stuns with these attacks. It would be viable for PvP, not as sure about PvE. Basically what I am thinking is you execute 3-4 abilities in a row and then are able to stun your opponent for X amount of time, while stunned they take reduced damage, because they are temporarily incapacitated, you gain a temporary movement bonus or reset your charge and can move onto your next enemy while their ally is stunned. It would focus on quick attacks and these attacks being done correctly, or a certain combo being done correctly to achieve a result, different results can be achieved, like combo of HS, CS, Slam, MS = a slow/DoT,debuff, etc or they can be done incorrectly in some isntances where if you hit the wrong button on accident you are actually punished and miss your next few attacks or something. Not really sure if this would work, just spitballing, because I would like another warrior spec, but its difficult to pin something down.

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