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    -3 Dungeons, but don't worry, there are 57 Scenarios.
    It's funny because it's true.

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    I am not wrong. We did not "go back to outland" in the sense that they want to go back to Northrend. We went there for a few visions spread through out the land and ended in Black Temple where the primary killing happened.

    We did, You needed to take the portal in blasted lands and you are in outland..

    Also, the old god? Yogg Saron was defeated already. The kingdom underneath is not of any concern. The ones that attacked were under the Lich Kings influence. They are now dead. We got rid of them. Not to mention the entierty of the kingdom was to be its own zone. However, they split it up into two dungeons. So we have already seen their kingdom. Anub'arak was their king, and he is now dead.

    They can always take revenge, You know Blizz.

    Making up the lore for an entire new continent =/= making up new lore for an old continent. The lore for Northend began and ended with the Lich King. He is dead. They cannot "easily" make up lore to return to Northrend. The entire reason we went was to finally put an end to Arthas, and we accomplished that. The ones not under the Lich Kings control helped and aided us. Thus the quests in both dungeons given out by them.

    As far i know the lich king AINT dead, Arthas is.

    Other then that, having a quest to send us back there for a very short time or having a starting zone for a new race =/= us going back. By going back, the OP meant another expansion focusing on Northrend itself. Not a few instances like with the warlock quest focusing on One old raid and a bunch of visions scattered through out the region. Not to mention that was restricted to one class only.

    As far i can see he said. is there more in northrend, A quest that takes us there or an new race zone IS more in northrend
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    im done with Northrend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zantos View Post
    Yogg-Saron was already killed..
    Yogg was defeated, yes. Killed? No. Based on that, there is always an "out" in terms of lore creation for Northrend.

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