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    Quote Originally Posted by Normie View Post
    But that's all, just 250k gold.

    That's an easily reachable target given 6+ months.

    Day 1 of patch 5.4, there is a vendor who will sell you a legendary cape for 250k.
    50$ for legendary? Sounds a bit expensive.
    Mounts in blizzstore usually cost about 20$.

    But if you have ideas like that some other MMORPG, like lineage(or archeage) will suit you better than wow.

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    I wouldn't buy it. Not because I couldn't afford it (I can) but because I don't care to spend that much on one piece of gear that will eventually get replaced. I wouldn't mind spending it on a mount that I like enough since mounts don't get eventually replaced with greens.

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    Gold sellers would make a lot of money.

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    Make it so... less welfare is good!

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    Its not "easy" to obtain 250k, anyone who believes so is delusional.
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    Paying gold for levendaries isn't exactly compelling gameplay, but neither was the epic staff questchain going into firelands. In wich every range needed to wait out his/her turn in order to collect the needed mats.

    I think, in all fairness, the people's mop levendary wasn't all that bad! Maybe now we can have 2 epics? One for pve and one for pvp. Each with their own beneficiary abilities.

    What they also could do, is let you choose wich ability your legendary actually has. More aoe? Second cast chance? Chance on a npc that helps you out? The possibilities could be endless. Wich other words; a customizable legendary.

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    Most idiotic idea I've ever heard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Normie View Post

    That's an easily reachable target given 6+ months.
    It is?

    If the legendary cost gold, I'd ignore it, just like I ignore things like brawlers guild invites, various expensive mounts, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Normie View Post
    Bear in mind, gold sellers do not in general sell gold that they have created. They sell gold that is already in (stolen) player accounts. So, once again, this is only good for the economy, to the extent that less gold = better economy.
    It would also cause them to see a huge surge in business, only encouraging the practice, rather than discouraging it by encouraging their customer base to pursue alternative methods that don't involve a possible ban or account hijack.

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    That would be silly as all hell and incredibly dumb as money making isn't something many do from what I can tell. If you gained the 250k as quest money, that couldn't be spent like real gold, then sure, whatever, still dumb.

    But no... Only way gold should be used to purchase legendary stuff is mats for a quest or buying new capes and gems after earning them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Normie View Post
    Bear in mind, gold sellers do not in general sell gold that they have created. They sell gold that is already in (stolen) player accounts. So, once again, this is only good for the economy, to the extent that less gold = better economy.
    This is sort of old info. Nowadays gold sellers see most of their inventory come from selling duped pets and mounts like the Jeweled Onyx Panther, Spectral Tiger Cub (I'm sure you've seen level 1s selling these in trade on your realm) and soon to be Sky Golem once they get that duped. It's a much more efficient process of getting mass quantities of gold than compromising accounts is, which isn't to say they don't hack accounts but they just don't need to do it as much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Normie View Post
    I would think that being able to present 250k gold would be a heck of a lot more impressive and useful than being able to present gold proving grounds, except for the couple of classes where gold proving grounds resembles hard.

    So what you're saying is that you think the legendary should be easily obtainable, by a 15 minute visit to the white tiger whatever, rather than through a months-long effort.

    At least gold challenge mode requires you to actually play the game.

    Peoples biggest complaint is the legendary quest is to casual.

    You can be very casual, utterly crap at your class and still make gold.

    As I said.

    Terrible idea I am very glad you do not make any choices about how this game works.

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    I would say no to this no matter what, but a better suggestion than the OP would be to obtain 250K, instead of just having it. Trading and mail wouldn't count towards it either.

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    No. I don't think I've ever had more than 30,000 at a time, and that was just after hitting 90. We don't need anymore incentives for people to play the auction house and jack up prices just to profit, or worse, to buy gold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Normie View Post
    You're not thinking this through. Having an ultra desirable 250k gold sink would reduce the gold supply and reduce prices, both temporarily (as people saved up) and permanently (as they gave the gold back to Blizzard).

    Yes a 250k item is ENTIRELY obtainable by no-skill casuals who are good at nothing but mining. I wasn't really concerned about that aspect of it.
    Better be one hell of a legendary. 100 hours estimated to get a legendary now is (for the most part) doing things you already would be. Raiding every week, maybe having to do a rep grind, but there are multiple ways to do that without directly farming kills only for the rep. This would require you to continue raiding as usual, but then spend another 100 hours (estimated, still seems like a stretch to say it would be that fast) to get it.

    As for the gold sink portion I think a good portion of people would stop buying things from the AH unless they absolutely needed to which would hurt people who use the AH for money, even if they weren't going for the legendary.

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    Yes, let's grant the legendary in a game centered around PvE combat to those mastering the economic metagame best. Really great idea.

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    For me it would be a good thing, i could easily afford it on multiple toons. But for the game as a whole it would be a disaster. Gold selling/buying would flourish.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aquamonkey View Post
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    I'd pay 120k gold per character to skip the 2 months of grinding.

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    even if i had 250K, i would not buy it.
    rather spend it on a mount or pet.
    the cape you vendor in the next x-pack or be placed in the bank forever.

    a mount you can use anytime.

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    Stupid suggestion.

    Though they should make a purchaseabe " the incredibly wealthy" title for 900k

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