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    Are Blood Elves losing the silence effect on Arcane torrent?

    Its not very clear to me. The resource they get back has been buffed (holy power/runic power/rage.. or did it always give those back?) but it doesnt say anything about the silence effect.

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    The resources are new. As far as im concerned, they didnt say it was going away. There for its staying

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    3% mana isn't a buff, it was nerfed from 6% sometime during MoP and remains 3% into WoD.

    edit: was nerfed to 2%, buffed to 3% in WoD.

    As for other resources - yes, Arcane Torrent always restored resources other than mana. I couldn't see any reason for BE Warrior, Hunter, Rogue or Monk if that weren't the case. As for the amount, I'm not sure.
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    Considering silences are being removed from most classes, it's fairly likely.
    Gone until the next expansion.

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    Considering they said silences attached to interupts would be removed this isnt an interupt so it should stay around.

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    it is not an interrupt - its a silense effect - it will stay under that logic.
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    I wonder if it will give holy paladins 3% mana AND HoPo or just HoPo and the mana is for other classes. Or maybe HoPo for prot and ret and mana for holy?
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