View Poll Results: Best boss of MoP?

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  • Elegon

    77 21.33%
  • Grand Empress Shek'zeer

    14 3.88%
  • Tsulong

    11 3.05%
  • Horridon

    10 2.77%
  • Ji-kun

    15 4.16%
  • Durumu

    45 12.47%
  • Lei Shen

    170 47.09%
  • Sha of Pride

    17 4.71%
  • Galakras

    15 4.16%
  • Kor'kron Dark Shaman

    9 2.49%
  • Malkorok

    15 4.16%
  • Thok

    18 4.99%
  • Siegecrafter Blackfuse

    92 25.48%
  • Paragons of the Klaxxi

    27 7.48%
  • Garrosh Hellscream

    59 16.34%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I loved Elegon, Windlord, Primordius, Iron Qon, Lei Shen and Siegecrafter.

    I am alarmed that anyone chose Dark Animus or Durumu. For me, those were the most tedious fights since I have been playing.

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    Wheres Vizier heroic ? That fight was super fun.

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    Lei Shen, Durumu, Elegon (all HC).

    Worst bosses are obviously all other last bosses: Garrosh, Sha of fear, Will of the Emperor, Shekzeer, for being a glorified uber-timesinks designed for only waste as much time as possible.

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    I voted for Lei Shen, Sha of Pride, and Horridon. These fights last a long time but there is so much attention to detail in how intricate they are. Granted, I've only done them on LFR difficulty (except Horridon), these fights are really fun and creative to me.

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    Nice poll! Good to be able to vote on several bosses, as well!

    - Elegon - Really fun fight and tuned tightly. It was a real challenge the fight times around, pushing the limits of our raid. Sure, the fight becomes a joke with more gear, but still, great boss overall.
    - Lei Shen - perhaps the best boss in MoP. Lots of stuff happening, but you don't get the idea you are hitting a wall. Really rewards coordination and individual effort.
    - Siegecrafter - another boss that rewards coordination and really fun mechanics as well! Will be the most difficult boss in Siege whne the dust settles.

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    Mostly normal mode raider here.

    Lei Shen was definitely most enjoyable for me. Hard enough for last boss, but not frustrating. Individual responsibility and teamwork at same time. Some RNG, but scripted as well-oiled machine.
    Really felt good both progressing on it, and killing it.
    Old Gods made me do it.

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    Unfortunately I didn't play while ToT was current, but Siegecrafter has been my favorite so far. Garrosh was pretty lackluster, the transition phases leave something to be desired.

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    Siege is awesome because i'm a hunter and i can provide some raid utility. I also like Malkorok because it's a fun mechanic and it drops a BIS weapon lol.
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    Lei Shen was a pretty awesome fight.

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