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    really? thats quite bad, 2nd time my guild killed it for 2 hours both main tanks weren't their, so me and a ms boomkin went our off specs, had tank cloaks bought by the gb and then in 2 goes i'd perfected killing the first add, we each made mistakes on the odd occasion but we'd have killed it if the dps played better(seemed i was missed on the belts), then one of our main tanks came back and i tanked with him and i kept my spot as killing the first shredder and getting 7 stacks first, and we 1 shot it.
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    I must ask, did this thread truly need 120 posts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roseby View Post
    I must ask, did this thread truly need 120 posts?
    You know better than to ask that when Dark is involved!

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