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    Question [HELP] Can't expand my Tillers farm?


    I've recently just hit revered with The Tillers on my main character, and yet i can't seem to expand my farm. Currently i have 4 plots at my farm, and got a mail from Farmer Yoon about reparing the broken cart and expanding the farm, yet there's no quests offering.

    I went to Gina Mudclaw to buy "Jinyu Princess" irrigation System and it says: Required: Weeds cleared from Sunsong Ranch.

    And that quest as well i can't see to get offered, i'd like to know if anyone can help me with this? :]


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    You have to do a task (quest) for a tiller at each rep threshold to "unlock" each farm expansion.

    I can't remember the order they come in. They require you to grow a certain crop and turn it in, usually some other stuff like rounding up yaks or picking planks out of a pond.

    Check all the tillers with question marks until you find something out of the ordinary.

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    Thanks alot for the replys, i figured out there was a quest out in the fields that i had missed which allowed me to start the quest line i needed for expanding the farm. Much appreciated.

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