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    Fey Dragon, Alterac Puppy, MakeAWish!

    So i made the same post on blizzard forums. Since the community on mmo is very active i just wanted to repost it here to see what ppl think about it:


    so im not at all hte guy who would collect pets or mounts. Yeah i have some, but well just the ones you get on the way doing your ingame stuff.

    But today i saw the announcement that you can buy these in combination and some money will be donated to the make a wish foundation. So i checked how it works:

    Buy Dog 10 Euro, 50% gets donated
    Buy Dragon 20 Euro, nothing doanted
    Buy both 26 Euro, 50% of DOG PRICE aka 5 Euro gets donated

    That just doesnt feel right!

    When you read the idea first you feel like "I make something good, because i purchase something". Its the goodwill that counts.

    What it turns out to be: "I buy some pixels and next to it i do something good". For me that makes a difference.

    Honestly, Blizzard could aswell just make it more attractive to buy both by increasing the money donated and not by making it little cheaper, earn more money for themselves and donate the same....common you can do better then that. Especially since its only to the 31. December and its not like because of a little more money donated you need to shutdown the company next year.

    After all....its a few pixels

    In the end i want to add, that ofc its good that BLizzard is doing stuff like this at all...but still, it smells more like good merchandising then the will to do something good

    Maybe im just to much of an optimist, who knows.

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    No matter what amount Blizzard donates someone always complains.

    If it's such a big deal to you then donate straight to the charity yourself and stop concerning yourself with what others donate.
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