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    Green Fire Warlocks

    Whenever I see a green fire warlock I always think they look like cartoon farts/smells... Anybody else?

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    Pretty sure its just you.

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    Probably just you.

    Though, being used to everything turning green when you're affected by a poison, I always assume it's that. Green fire doesn't look like it's supposed to be green. It looks like a poison effect on regular fire.

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    Not at all. I think they look great.

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    They make us different from fire mages.

    That and actual AoE capability.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adam86shadow View Post
    Whenever I see a green fire warlock I always think they look like cartoon farts/smells... Anybody else?
    when a warlock with a robe turns Burning Rush on and stands still, it always looks like he's farting.

    red or green, it looks like a fart.
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    Whenever I see a warlock with green fire, I assume they're competent if not pretty good at their class.
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    Oh thats not true, I have greenfire and im terrible at warlocks I just learnt the fight itself

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    I agree that the green fire looks more like just one color than the regular flames, where you can make out multiple shades. However, I'm going to stay with green flames

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