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    Cool Enchanted Fey Dragon - anyone bought it?

    Just wondering if its worth the 25 (or 30 if you get it with the pup pet) dollars to purchase.

    These are all the mounts my account has so far:

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    It's a cool mount to have if you have the money and don't mind spending it on digital goods.

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    I didn't buy one, but I see these fucking things everywhere.

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    I bought it and I love it! Them derpy eyes!

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    Yep I got one. Also gifted my sister one as well.

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    Even 2 years later i still can't handle there being a virtual store to a subscription based game. But that's just me. No hate to the people who already bought one.
    Nerfs actually make me laugh

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    Bought it with the pup. I am kinda regretting that, because now I'm considering buying that damn bat.

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    i haven't bought it yet, but people on my server sure have. i'll see i've been thinking about getting the new bat for a while aswell. they both look good but fey dragon is a dragon which is a plus since dragons look good usually

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    I think the mount is impressive but the fact that everyone and their uncle has one and has to park infront of the bank/auction house to show it off makes me not buy one.

    Now the dog is awesome and worth getting. :P
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    Not yet, but soon. Additionally, my mom asked for the bundle as a Christmas gift, so will be two packages.

    I am waiting to see what OTHER virtual goods go on sale this week, what with Black Friday and all. Might be able to pick up the missing pets/mounts from there at much below cost.
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    I dont see any reason beside moneys to not buy , its really nice and unique good looking mount !

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    Yep bought it, but I have no idea why, I haven't actually used it yet. Love my Sky Golem to much

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    too many of them already, not cool enough.
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    no, but have seen them in the big cities. in lesser quantities then the bat though when it came out.

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    seen a few around and do plan on getting it, though figured i'd wait and see if didn't win the MMO comp first ;op

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penric View Post
    I think the mount is impressive but the fact that its everyone and their uncle has one and has to park infront of the bank/auction house to show it off makes me not buy one.
    On my server, it's at least nowhere near as bad as the sky golem atm. It's not that common here.

    I'm not sure yet. Seen a few so far, and I really like it, but I'm afraid it would be just a +1 since I already have a lot of mounts between which I can't decide.

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    I bought it, it's a very cool mount. If you like mounts you will most likely enjoy this one. Plus it changes colour which is a nice touch and the effects on it are nice.

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    I love it. the color changing is amazing. I do wish Blizzard would make mounts that stand out like this one for very difficult encounters like they used to (Black/Plague Ironbound/ rags mount) instead of bland looking mounts(IMO) like they do now

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    I bought em all (mounts, not pets).
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    I really really like the mount, but I am not going to spend any real money on a mount.

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