View Poll Results: Which continent interested you the most when you first heard about them?

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  • Outland

    15 15.46%
  • Northrend

    41 42.27%
  • Pandaria

    6 6.19%
  • Draenor

    35 36.08%
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    What new continent were/are you most excited to see?

    Im very excited for Draenor. Though Northrend still holds a special place in my heart.
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    Same as OP. I think what we saw of Draenor looks amazing. But Northrend will always be my favorite I think.
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    I was excited to see kalimdor after playing WC1/2/3.
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    Northrend for sure.

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    While every contident is awesome for me in different ways, Northrend will always be my favourite. I absolutely adore northern themed zones, with aurora borealis in the sky.

    Howling Fjord <3
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    Honestly, I loved Pandaria. This whole chinese/asian inspired zones really are beautiful to me. Very colorful vibrant and I love the pandas and all their food and drinking. It's very welcoming and I'm gonna be a little sad to see it go.

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    Kalimdor. As a level 20 human Warlock heading off to do the Succubus questline, heading to the other side of the world through hostile territories was really exciting.

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    Northrend. I really much wanted to see Azjol-Nerub there, but as we all know it got cancelled. Maybe they'll deliver it sometimes.

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    Pandaria was beautiful, fun to explore, and I absolutely loved it.


    I'm looking forward to Draenor more than I have anything in a long time. I'm really REALLY crossing my fingers and hoping that the Draenei get some major lore love that they deserve and need this go-round and not the tacked-on "oh and the Alliance was there too" overall feel of the last few expansions.
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    I was hoping this poll was going to be about which zone in Draenor people were most excited about. I guess I need sleep.

    Wrath for me was the only one I was looking forward to exploring on that list. I was actually more excited (and disappointed) to see the Cataclysm revamp. Outland I didn't know what to expect and Pandaria looked like an awful sorry sack. With Draenor I'd like to see what they did with it, but the embarrassing scab of why we're even going there tinges it all a nasty sticky brown color.

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    I don't understand why everyones so excited about Dreanor, its just the Outland. Yeah I know its 'completely revamped' but honestly I fail to see how it looks that amazing based on the trailer.
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    Northrend, was a BIG bummer tho when I started leveling in Borean Tundra, the zone just looked so bland as Alliance. same goes for Dragon Blight, Zul'drak and Wintergrasp, the content was still fun to do.
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    I was really excited for Northrend, Pandaria I was excited to see it & what it would be like.

    Draenor looks really well done & look forward to seeing it aswell.

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    Northrend felt epic at the time. Draenor looks amazing also.

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    Seeing as Draenor is the latest and greatest I haven't considered it in my choice, so I went with Outland. Not having played any of the Warcraft games prior to WoW I was very curious about this planet this Illiidan guy had been banished to.

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    I'm worried that Draenor will look too familiar to be new. I am excited to see what Draenor looked like before it Shattered. However the icy lands that the Lich King escaped to will probably always be my favorite.

    So I went with Northrend.

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    amazingly enough, i think northrend was amazingly amazing.

    amazing, right?

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    Draenor, Alliance starting zone looks amazing. After that Northrend, I remember when I first came to Howling Fjord. I absolutely loved it.
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