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    Angry Okey, so Blizzard is being a moneywhore

    I used to believe that sell something unreal like the pets in the store and claim it is for the charity could be the worst thing that Blizzard would ever do. It is so faked. There is 0 cost, and what Blizzard could have done is just doubling the price and "kindly" donated the rest to the charity. I mean what is the point of selling something like that and claim it is for the charity? make yourself feel better when you wasted your money? Oh come on, whether it is for the charity or not, it does not matter; you will buy it afterall anyway.

    So that is one tiny piece of problems compare to what I am going to discuss here. Blizzard is a game company and there is nothing wrong with being a "moneywhore". The problem is whether they give us qualified games or not. WoW by any means is a "qualified" game, so there is nothing wrong they try to grab some here and there for their own sake. But some other games are not.

    Let's start with Blizzard all star. It is a sucking game with fucked up game design and quality. Blizzard is so lazy so that they do not intend to bring in new characters; instead they "stole" the characters from their old popular games like WOW. TBH I would never expect such a game to surpass either DOTA or LOL. Then what is the point of making such a game? I can only conclude that Blizzard is trying to take the money from their fanboys, especially those WOW fanboys, since SC and Diablo have a much more mature community.

    It would be okey if they only tried to make one sucking game and abuse its fan bases. However, they made 2 actually. Here comes the mighty Hearthstone, do not tell me it is great game cauz it is not. It sucks to the hell. So again, what kinda of people would play that sucking game? WOW fanboys, LOL.

    So instead of making those sucking shyt and try to take money from our wallets, why cant Blizzard make WOW better? I doubt if that would take any more effort.

    Oh sry, I forget that patches are not for sell. Thank you for everything, and happy WOW fanboys.

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    What a totally original thread, that can't easily be disproven by the fact they have a Charity campaign running right now, and that they've continuously added far more to the game in terms of content, and not increased the monthly fee to compensate.

    Damn Blizzard Entertainment Incorporated for being a business, and needing to earn a profit to continue their investments, build a portfolio of strong games and maintain a work force and support the local, and national economy!

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    *walks in*


    Too easy.

    *walks out*

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    Either you're trolling or you're really stupid. Your post count leads me to believe you're really stupid. Really. Fucking. Stupid.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kazroshka View Post
    *walks in*


    Too easy.

    *walks out*
    Your avatar fits your post

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    I don't even know anymore.
    Only 4 "fanboys" in that rant? 6/10
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    Quote Originally Posted by psychopass View Post
    Endless stream of poo flinging
    They're a business, what they are doing is working out great for their pockets so far.
    Also, since when can Blizzard "steal" characters from it's own games to present in another?

    It seems you are just ranting - did you get your ass banned or something?

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    You mean "is".

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    I have no idea what you're trying to moan about

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    the last reports said they gave 100% of the proceeds to the charity it was designed for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaige View Post
    Either you're trolling or you're really stupid. Your post count leads me to believe you're really stupid. Really. Fucking. Stupid.

    Your avatar fits your post
    his post count is very close to your own, by your own standards you are really fucking stupid

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    While I'm OK with people writing up their opinions some threads start off with rants that are little more than an attempt to start up non-constructive flame wars and cause a lot of abuse both ways.

    This is one of those and for that reason, this is closed.
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