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    Preparing for the Celestial tournament

    I did a little pet battling at the start of the expansion, but then didn't bother more. Now I want to get back into pet battling and collecting. Here's my current list of battlepets. I was wondering which pets are most beneficial to level to 25, and which pets I better get around to farming. Which pets should I level so I can use them to quickly boost my other pets? And which other pets should I boost afterwards to have a decent chance at the tournament.

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    The different combinations of trainers that you can come up against make it difficult to give overly specific advice, but I'll give you some general advice based on what I have done to make the 4 celestial trainers as painless as possible.

    1. Build up a 'cheese team'. By this, I mean the famous 'Undead with Curse of Doom', 'Pandaren Water Spirit' and 'Chrominius specced with Howl' combo. Why? you can defeat pretty much any 'one legendary pet boss' fight with this combo. I use it to do the Ox and the Tiger cub specifically here. Spam any undead ability to start EXCEPT Curse of Doom. When your undead is killed and resses with a free round pop Doom. Bring in the Water Spirit and pop geyser, then Whirlpool then swap out for Chrominius. Pop Howl (double damage debuff). Doom, Geyser and Whirlpool will all now go off at once, doing double damage. Boom dead boss.

    2. Mr Bigglesworth can solo Yu'la. Get him to level 25 and this becomes a trivial fight.

    3. Get three rare snails or whelks to level 25 and Chi-Chi also becomes trivial.

    Personally I levelled 3 Water Spirits to make sure I had spares and levelled every undead pet I had with Curse of Doom, seeing as you will need two as the strat depends on it dying. Plus some back up pets with a lot if speed and Howl can be useful (foxes and fox kits can be good but do have low health compared to Chrommy).

    When I level a pet from scratch (not doing dailies), my go to partners are Gilnean Raven (you can get a Crow from Darkmoon Island with the same skills if you don't have a worgen toon) and Arcane Eye (tameable around Karazhan). Normally I would go to Vale of Eternal Blossoms and just battle all the skimmers I can find. All the secondary pets will always either be aquatics or flyers so the raven and the eye make short work out of them. I see from your achievements that you have unlcoked the Fabled dailies so be sure to do those as often as you can and stock up on pet treats for the xp boost. This stacks with the safari hat AND stacks with the 50% boost treat you can buy once you start winning the tournament.

    Hope that gives you something to go on. If you want more specific advice and/or a list of what pet I use on each trainer, pm me and I can send you a list. I am in the process of writing a guide for my guild's website so this might prompt me to get off my arse and finish it
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    1. Get a pet with Wish or Bleat to use as a healer. That's all you are using it for. This allows you to use non-KO'd pets more than once, or abort a lousy attempt. Some trainers don't attack for one or more rounds at the start and those are ideal trainers to leave up last for healing purposes (among the Celestials, Yu'la is best for this; of the 3 in the first round it varies depending on who's up at the time).

    2. There's more than one way to beat every team. Don't get so in love with someone else's tactic and prepare backups in case RNG decides to mess with you. For instance, there's a lot of different ways to beat Zao:

    - Sunreaver Micro Sentry, any pet with Flock/Stampede/Swarm (Flyer preferred): R1 Fel Immolate, R2 Call Lightning, switch pets, R4 Flock
    - Lunar Lantern, 2 H/H Minfernals: Illuminate, switch to Minfernal 1, R3 Explode, R4 sub in Minfernal 2 and Explode again
    - Skywisp Moth, Clockwork Gnome, Zandalari Anklerender: R1 Call Lightning, switch to Clockwork Gnome, R3 Build Turret, switch to Anklerender, R5 Black Claw, R6 Hunting Party
    - Pandaren Water Spirit, Chrominius: R1 Geyser, R2 Whirlpool, switch to Chrominius, R4 Howl, R5 Surge of Power

    Lots of ways you could do it.

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    Use this guide, it is very good:

    How to Easily Beat the Celestial Tournament


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    hmm its all good but my exp in pet battles say that all pet can be good but you need to try and get your pets to be good in speed and if you can get speed x2
    you can get a addon that will tell you what your pets are and when you konw that you can get 12 good pets to use.
    Zao is Beast so he will take more dmg from Mechanical abilites and he will do low dmg to Flyings and take low dmg from Humanoids so if you can get a Flying that have Mechanical abilites and are 276+ in speed you will be fine.
    Xu-Fu is Beast to but thx to the abilites he have dont use a Flying, Humanoid and a Critter but something else that have Mechanical abilites.
    Yu'la is a Dragonkin he will take good dmg from Humanoids and take low dmg from Flyings thx to the abilites he use try to get Dragonkins or undeads that have Humanoids abilites
    Chi-Chi is a Flying so he will take more dmg from Magic and low dmg from Beast the abilites he use will do low dmg to Critters and Humanoids so try to get one of them that have magic abilites
    hope it will help you ifyou need more help go to wowhead and search for How to Easily Beat the Celestial Tournament
    ps the addon is called PetTracker

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