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    thx all some good tips i will try your macro Tom

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    i got mine in storm peaks pretty easily. along the northern border there is a spawn point. i dont remember exactly where but i rarely (if ever) see anyone there. sure servers are different but it just seems out of the way of the "usual" spots so if you are lucky you should find one. mine was grey quality but i fixed that with a stone. simple enough.

    what i did tot help is i just parked different characters around spawn points and would periodically check in on them. doing that you have a much higher chance. thats assuming you have enough alts able to get to northrend though. time of day is also a huge factor. i got mine pretty early before i left for work one morning. took me about 5 mins to log on, see it and capture it.
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    I collect pets but I tend to only keep the rare (blue) ones. I got incredibly lucky on this one. I wasn't looking for it. I was flying over on my way to do a quest, saw a pet on my radar and, out of offhanded curiosity, I hovered my mouse over that little green claw. I had no idea how difficult they were to find. In fact, I'd never even seen or heard of an Unborn Val'kyr. I went down, saw it and said to myself, "Oh neat!" and opened the pet battle with my three level 20 pets. It wasn't a rare though and I thought about just killing it but I'd never seen one so I figured, "What the hell?" and captured it rather easily. Only after the fact did I find out how hard they are to find. I'm going to upgrade this little babe to rare as soon as I get the chance!

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    I caught both of mine on the road in Dragonblight northwest of Star's Rest. Used the tracker addon thing that alerts if you'r by a rare. Did the Northrend loop for about two hours total to get both of them.
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