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    Warcraft Zone Appreciation Thread

    If you look at my previous thread, you'll know that I've always been greatly inspired and interested in the zones, the lands, of World of Warcraft. I started playing in 2006, but have stopped after giving MoP a try. I have a growing interest in cartography, so researching the zones and looking at maps and concept art is very fascinating to me. I'm just wondering if any of you share this interest and have any cool things to show relating to the "behind the scenes" work of WoW's lands. Anything, really...

    I know of most of the interactive Google Maps style websites such as Wyrimaps and World of Mapcraft. Those are fantastic. I've also found things like http://zaphoyd.com/wowcemaps/index.html which was just fascinating. I'm wondering also if there are any artists out there who've drawn maps or zones in realistic detail? This is a map of Middle Earth. http://i.imgur.com/ll0PWqw.jpg Do you know if anything like this exists for the Warcraft universe?The in game maps were great, but something more detailed and with colour would be amazing. I'm aware that things such as World of Mapcraft are probably the best one can get since that's using real in game geometry, but an artistic approach like the Middle Earth map would be nice to see.

    So yes, just asking for any zone lovers to post what they've found.

    People can argue endlessly about the problems with the mechanics of the game, but there's no denying that the artistry involved in the creation of the world is incredible. The concept art, the music, everything that goes into a zone just makes it feel so life like.


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    I love the cinematics of WoW, especially the older ones, as they render an array of the zones in cinematic detail... It's great seeing Iron Forge, Auberdine, Thousand Needles, Teldrassil (or Ashenvale) and all the places that have been rendered in the cinematics so far. I wish they'd show more of the zones, although I'm aware how long that'd take. Maybe not even a full on cinematic, just a few art pieces to show what the world would "really" look like. Something like the recently revealed Stormwind city render from the Warcraft movie reveal... The character models are being retextured and that's great, but imagine if we could get new shaders and lighting for the world itself.

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    Bump. Anyone?
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    Bwhahahahahah sucks for YOU, nobody post in your thread.
    Oh, MMOChampion has the most mature user base... I'm surprised you're still on this forum, what with your needless hostility and bad grammar. My, you've even got 221 posts. Astonishing.

    Feel free to post something useful next time.

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    Yeah, video game maps are cool! It's interesting to see old continent layouts from early in WoW's development. I'm sure you've heard of MapWoW. If not, it's just like Marlamin's world map, except MapWoW still has the pre-Cata maps.

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    I don't much care for that style of map art. But I love seeing fan art renditions of zones and characters. It really makes me wish I could draw really well. I'd love to be able to draw fantasy scenarios of my toon fighting some epic raid boss or an army of mobs or something, with how I think their spells or abilities and armor SHOULD look. I'd especially love to be able to paint with the large brush stroke style that Guild Wars 2 has. This isn't the best example of the style I'm talking about but it's a really great image.



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    My choice for favourite zone is slightly controversial because I know people didn't enjoy the underwater experience but I'm gunna say it anyway - Vashj'ir.

    I enjoy the lore of Vashj'ir anyway but aside from that, this zone is 100% absolutely unique, no other zone is like this in anyway and the art team must have poured a lot of soul and creativity and time into this place and it definitely shows.

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    Westfall looks great, especially during sunset at around 7 pm and Elwynn Forest looks cool when it's raining in that zone.

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