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    10-Man Garrosh Tips

    Hello fellow Hunters! My guild is starting on Normal Garrosh this week. We did a few pulls last week and were getting through the first Intermission fairly easily, but then would die in P2. Any particular tips specific to Hunters that might ease the last two phases at all? I play as BM, if that helps at all. Things I have been considering using:

    Binding Shot and Ice Trap around a stack point to help contain MC'd players.
    Counter Shot (Interrupt)
    Intimidation Talent

    These are just a few off the top of my head. As I haven't seen much of the rest of the fight, figured I would ask to see what others are using. This is Normal difficulty, not Flex, btw.

    Thank you

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    Hey Relix,

    Not too much else to add. I do like Binding Shot for MCs (though personally I have never needed to use it) and keeping a Minion of Y'Shaarj controlled. You do need to be careful with traps/Binding Shot when dealing with those adds (Minions), though, because you don't want to have 2+ stick near another. One way to make sure you only get one minion of Y'Shaarj on you at a time is to Feign Death and then use Distracting Shot to pick one up. I personally suggest always using Binding Shot over Intimidation. If you place it correctly, you can use it as an on-demand stun, even on a stationary target.

    There's honestly not much more optimization than that for hunters in terms of utility for normal Garrosh.

    In general, it looks like you have a good idea of most of the hunter-specific tactics. If you're wiping, it's probably individual player mistakes or your overall strategy.

    EDIT: I also run BM, but SV/MM are absolutely just as good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HonneurVilified View Post
    I do like Binding Shot for MCs
    Just wanted to quickly mention that you should never drop the Binding Shot in advance. It might seem like a nice idea so you get another free global and keep the mind controls nicely under control, but if you get mind controlled instead you will stun everyone else in the raid.

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    Thank you both for the advice. And @Bovan, I am for sure a "drop before" kind of person. Good to know NOT to do that, so I don't MC the raid. Haha that would have been a fun mistake to make.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Relix View Post
    Thank you both for the advice. And @Bovan, I am for sure a "drop before" kind of person. Good to know NOT to do that, so I don't MC the raid. Haha that would have been a fun mistake to make.
    Let's just say that I'm mentioning it for some specific and... personal reasons. On the PTR Explosive Trap was bugged and always had the knockback baked in. So it was pretty funny when I dropped it and got mind controlled myself and send the whole raid flying.

    After that I started messing around with things like Binding Shot, other traps, and even Unholy Blight from a DK for testing purposes. All these kind of things work on your whole raid if you get mind controlled when it's active.

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    you can find tips for garosh and upcoming heroic bosses in this thread

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    Been a while but pretty sure scatter shot can be used as a back to interupt the MC cast during non empowered MC's. But once they are empowered it doesnt work.

    Distracting shot adds for empowered whirling corruption is a good way to pull others to you once yours is dead.

    Pretty sure this is in the thread Ace linked, but deterence works perfectly for empowered whirling corruption. I pop it after just after the damage starts coming out and you take 0 damage from it. I don't bother with it during non empowered since you can stack and heal, but since you can't stack for empowered its great.

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