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    A flying solution

    With the countless of threads on this very topic, with alot of people saying they simply don't want to engage with random mobs, and it's not all about the speeding up of quest etc, so I thought of a funny solution.

    Give everyone the ability to fly from the start of the new xpac, however make the flying mount speed like 25% of running speed.

    That way people that want to use ground mounts still can get from point A to point B and can also fight mobs along the way.

    The people that want to skip the mobs can do so too, but at a much slower speed

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    This still has the effect of trivializing vertical differentiation within a zone. Things like cliffs and chasms can't matter to someone flying, and that's lame.

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    ...countless of threads on this very topic...

    Closing since so many of them are still active. Please post ideas in one of them.

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