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    Quote Originally Posted by santa666 View Post
    Don't have to be psychic
    Pop shieldblock BEFORE shieldslam and you solved the problem. The charge system makes it possible to delay block while still having max uptime.
    Getting 2 inside it is a bonus.

    And for your 100 rage scenario. Pop shieldblock, use ss or rev, back to 60 rage. Taunt, block, use 20 rage barrier generated during it.

    Not much to add.
    Have a read. I said that in the post.

    Not much to add.

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    Truth be told, I'm at a loss too. Yes, you said "If you time it properly then SBlock is your dump, if you cant guarantee a SS during block, then I would HS." But the first part of your post made it sound like waiting for SS to come out CD before using Sblock is a hard thing to do while offtanking.

    Anyways, at 10k vengeance or so, depending on you base str and the weapon you use, 0.75*Sslam equals 2*HS. After that the difference keeps growing and growing.

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