1. #14761
    EU server. And Damn thats a awesome mount!

  2. #14762
    Love the fae! win/lose I'm getting one! US server...btw

  3. #14763
    A US player Over here! plz plz plz give me one!! *-*

  4. #14764
    Hey, US player here, Id love to have one for my wife. Kinda poor as a student.

  5. #14765
    US-would love to see those changing colors.

  6. #14766
    I really like how the dragon changes color...but it would go to my girlfriend of 3 years for an early x mas project- US server

  7. #14767
    Derpa Herpa - Gief EU!

  8. #14768
    The name is Bordus... Slayer of beasts and dragons and monsters and demons and everything pretty much! With this Enchanted Fey Dragon I shall rule Argent Dawn EU!

  9. #14769
    EU server , One for me please

    - - - Updated - - -

    Eu server - want one

  10. #14770
    have they told winners yet?

  11. #14771
    US server over here who wants one

  12. #14772
    AP EU never know your luck

  13. #14773
    Entries are now closed. Winners have not been PMed yet. PMs will go out sometime on Tuesday.

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