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  • Yes, I want to be able to use my warglaives again!

    392 67.35%
  • No, everyone will end up running around with old legendaries.

    190 32.65%
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    They should make the legendaries transmoggable already.People are afraid that everyone will use them and they end up not rare anymore but the people who want to use them already equip them outside combat just for looks so that is pretty much the same as making them moggable.Not to mention lets face it old legendary items are no longer something rare.I know i am using the glaives all the time when i'm just chilling on my rogue.
    Of course to be able to mog them the player needs to own that said legendary.

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    I'd have loved to be able to mog away from the hideous Rogue daggers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agoonga View Post
    I don't care if legendaries can't be transmogged, but the epic quality items that lead up to the legendaries should be transmoggable.
    For a while you could transmog with a Sulfuron Hammer. Spent a good chunk of Cataclysm with that on my Pally.

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    I think that they should, if only to let people have their preferred look anywhere. For me, it's all about the armor, and as long as the weapon matches, I really don't care, but if I had my hands on something like Thori'dal, I'd want to be able to show it off more often than just sitting in Stormwind.

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    I think it'd be fine if they were. It'd be more motivation for me to finish Shadowmourne, to keep trying to get that damn Thunderfury, or my main hand glaive. And I'd likely finish my Dragonwrath on my lock and mage. A ton of people would be using them but then again a ton wouldn't. I wont be transmoging my back in the future into this legendary. But, I'm sure some would.
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