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    Hello there im first time on this forum and i really hope that u can help me

    Greettings everyone, if u can assist me it would be wonderful.

    I contacted blizzard few months ago and asked if someone else can buy wow for me ( upgrade it ) and buy some game time for me. They answered and explained to me perfectly and i managed to complete everything fast and furious.

    But recently web site was updated and they changed mass things there. I need again game time, i asked friend to buy it for me as ussual and he did. He bought 3 months subscription for me and clicked buy as a gift, then he had to put my email adress in order to gift that to me. He did that and i still didn't recive game time. Can you please look up this for me i can provide many informations .... i can give u transaction information or some tiny screen shot where it say :

    Order Status:

    I need urgent respond becouse i really need to join game with my friends and can't becouse of some delay, and even on website there is information it will be instant after buy but yea 20 hours passed my account got frozen. I contacted blizzard yesterday about this, they told me it will be fixed in 2-3 hours, and if it does not complete like that then i should call them again today. I tried to call they dont work ( skype call ) .... i am hopeless now and frustrated.

    Anyway, hoping to hear from someone some good news and some help.Thanks
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    You should probably talk to Blizzard instead of here..
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    after i saw this post i thought i can get help here also


    someone from blizzard answered i think

    - - - Updated - - -

    yea so i cant send pm to that user becouse i need 10 posts first haahha so i should spam 10 post in order to get help? wtf is this ridicilous

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    You know this isn't an official forum. Go to the battle.net website.

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