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    Socorro, NM, USA
    Rez IRL? Yes please.
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    Australia! G-day Mate!... (We don't really speak like that)
    Stare in amazement at the 7 foot green bald chick with massive daggers standing in front of me.
    Angels and Airwaves
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    Ask my Rogue to teach me how to stealth!

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    sit down for a chat, learn about magic and drink a cup of coffee ?

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    Behind her rifle, in that tree you just passed.
    Do I get to become said toon? I think a Night Elf Rogue in some modern day special forces outfit would be epic
    If it's not an elf, leave it on the shelf.

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    I would bring the toon that i barely even play anymore she's a female belf named sixtinine, I think you all know where i'm going with this

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    Depending on which character it would range from getting knocked out for even looking at em, to getting killed, to try and take over the world.
    I'm an altoholic since 2005.

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    The Great North
    Male Dwarf Hunter.
    I'd guess we'd have a pretty good time.

    Though, i would lose all drinking contests..
    Males are all stupid and jealous. And females are stupid to be happy about it.
    Idiots are everywhere you look

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    Hour of Twilight, Caverns of Time
    Do what any other sane person would. Walk up to them all decked out in their Epic armour, a solemn presence in the room, as they stare me down expecting whatever I'm to about to say to be pathetic and worthless before they smite me regardless of what I say. Then I whisper loud enough for them to hear "I've seen you naked!" then laugh as all the awkwards occur.

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    I'd quicky level a mage who will conjure food, make portals, make iceblocks when it's hot and makes a fire when it's cold. You must admit there is no better class of choice.
    "This is no swaggering askari, no Idi Amin Dada, heavyweight boxing champion of the King's African Rifles, nor some wide shouldered, medal-strewn Nigerian general. This is an altogether more dangerous dictator - an intellectual, a spitefull African Robespierre who has outlasted them all." - The Fear: Robert Mugabe and the martyrdom of Zimbabwe, Peter Godwin.

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