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    zandalalari will join horde ...

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    If this is indeed the first expansion without any shitty troll filler patch, then this might be the best expansion ever done by blizzard. But let's be frank here, we know Blizzard and they will ruin it with trolls no matter how to shoehorn them in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by archjinyi View Post
    zandalalari will join horde ...
    Zandalalalalalari , is that a parody of Trolololoololololol? :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voyager View Post
    Zandalari Dinosaurs are among the most epic creatures in the game, and they're not a player race.
    Fixed that for you thats btw the real reason why we get Troll dungeons i think ;D
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    Well since we kicked them out of Pandaria, the Zandalari still need a new home.

    And now, they don't just have a new continent to conquer, but whole world of Draenor...
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    As many have said Vol'jin is Warchief, so expect some involvement from him during the expansion. If he isn't featured on Draenor's storyline, then hopefully there'll be a troll patch, and murlocs should also appear in a future patch (that returns us to present-day Azeroth).
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    A troll raid or dungeon patch is mandetory expansion content, we certainly will see Trolls.

    It's like an in-joke sort of.

    I love the look of Trolls raids, but the armor always looks awful (imo) like the stuff from ZA, some people like it though so it's cool, plus we have transmog now.

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    Well that may be nice for Alliance players, while us Horde players will have to suffer through having one as our leader.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bizzy View Post
    hypocrisy at its finest, sucking panda dick in first line and "hater hating" trolls in second
    I'm not hating, son; male trolls are indeed goofy and fugly.

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