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    Goodbye and good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pacster View Post
    In pvp in general? YOu mean the 3vs3 and 5vs5(usually with mages and rogues to protect them)...maybe...but 2vs2 and 1vs1 or rated BG? Hardly. They always needed other classes to protect their *** to be able to do ANY damage at all.
    Doing "pretty decent" damage is only for one dd-class a reason to be nerfed as it seems: Shadows.
    In all fairness it's only to be expected that they get the protection they need. If you don't protect the one in your group in 3v3 that is best at killing things you're doing it wrong. They did suck solo against melee pummeling them, yes ^^
    Think it was a shame they removed the life swap from them. That was over the top.
    Think we're straying too far away from the topic though >.>
    Everyone has so much to say
    They talk talk talk their lives away

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius View Post
    This is all my fault. I gave him a hug at Blizzcon. It's what pushed him over the edge.
    He and I made out at Blizzcon. Beat that. He did. Oh ho ho.

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    Good Luck GC, the company will be a lesser place without you x

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    Sad to see him go, he (and the other devs) made the game a lot better after the vanilla and tbc balancing mess.
    I would never picture him playing a holy priest, he must be a bit masochistic :P

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    GL out there GC!

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    con tu hermana.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nirron View Post
    Why would he not be allowed to do that? He is no longer working for Blizzard.
    He is not taking any of the software with him so it is perfectly fine aslong as he does not reveal any Blizzard company secrets to his new company.

    Heck maybe he is not even working on videogame's anymore it could very well be that he is doing something else.
    usually, high positions (or even devs) in companies are offer packages if they leave, under the condition that they do not join a competitor (most of the time direct competitors are even forbidden) and in case they remain in the industry (likely, given his experience) they are also forbidden to release any kind of howto or inner workings. Take this, with a grain of salt, since I don't work for Blizzard, but I do work as a game developer.

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    He might actually be going into marine biology. I think that would be so awesome for him.

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    Good riddance!

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    all the best ghost and ty

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    Will seriously miss this guy, liked his straightforward attitude on twitter especially!

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    Good luck in the future, and thanks for all the great work Greg!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mesovr View Post
    I wonder how shocked people will be when they find out that dodgy class balance was not caused by one man. Chances are the poor guy after GC just get blamed for it as well.
    The people who post things like that probably aren't too smart (thinking that one person causes every balance issue they have in the game). Like you said, they'll probably just blame someone else for it and think it's all their fault.

    I'll miss him though. He was like part of the game for me.
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    Good riddance for WoW now free from that snarky jerk.
    But bad news for whatever game he goes to.
    Would be awesome if he was hired to work on TESO, would be 2 birds 1 stone.

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    Now I have some faith in WOD.
    After so many years Blizzard finally made the right call.

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    as someone who has been playing since vanilla, you will not be missed at all

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    I wish him the best but wow balancing (PVP) went down hill when he took over

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizardprime View Post
    even ghostcrawler knows wow is a sinking ship
    Yeah, good job at decrypting that message.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kezzik View Post
    as someone who has been playing since vanilla, you will not be missed at all
    you are correct everything went down hill when he took over

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    Ghostclawer fired holy yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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