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    Quote Originally Posted by Jawless Jones View Post
    gnolls next new model confirmed
    gnolls next playable race confirmed.

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    Another day on MMO-champion forums, another thread making me ask "the fuck is he smoking?"

    Just because Pandaren MIGHT have evolved from Furbolg, doesn't mean they are Furbolg.

    Going by YOUR logic, Night Elves should be called Trolls, Gnomes -> Mechagnomes, Dwarves -> Earthen, Humans -> Vrykul, etc.

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    if we are grasping at straws now gnome and dwarfs are basicly titian creations affected by the old gods curse of flesh 2 new playable races horde: old gods, alliance:titans.

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    Half life 3 confirmed

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    All jokes aside I rly want to be a furbolg, still have the Night Elf quest reward that turn you into one. | Recruiting exceptional players!

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    I think you may be high.

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    They got a new model in Northrend. Why Blizzard didn't give that model to vanilla Furbolg in Cata is unknown.
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    I want a new candle model for Kobolds. Can that be done too?

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    I have no idea why:
    1. OP is trolling
    2. He would even care about such irrelevant things

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    Someone didn't take their pills today.
    They aren't the same. They don't even share the same "ancient" since Furbolgs worship Ursol / Ursoc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zuben View Post
    They got a new model in Northrend. Why Blizzard didn't give that model to vanilla Furbolg in Cata is unknown.
    Because they would look too good and hence discredit everything else?
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    It's incredibly stupid to hold everyone to the same standard
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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post
    No, it would not use too many resources. It is simply replacing the old Furbolg mesh with thw Pandaren model meshes.
    Shows how little you know about 3D Modeling, Animation and the Game Industry.

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    So, furbolgs were born when some wandering pandaren was drunk and spotted one beautiful (brown) bear gurl... aargh!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ripponesan View Post
    Pandaren are NOT furbolgs.
    And we get an update on PLAYER models.
    Cant remeber furbolgs beeing a playable race.
    Yep furbolgs = playable race.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post
    It is very clearly stated throughout the Pandaria questlines and at the conclusion of the Wandering Isle quests that Pandaren are Furbolgs.

    No, it would not use too many resources. It is simply replacing the old Furbolg mesh with thw Pandaren model meshes.
    Even if what you say would be truth, it's on the same logic as "blood elves are trolls, they should have same model". Do you agree with this statement? Because if you don't, neither should furbolgs and pandaren have same model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post
    Pandaren are Furbolgs.
    Pandaren models are different from Furbolg models.
    Pandaren models are newer than Furbolg models.
    Pandaren models must therefore be the current and official depiction of Furbolgs.
    Furbolg models should therefore be updated to match Pandaren models.
    There's a dent in your logic.

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    I would like to see all models updated. From naga, murloc to gnolls and furlborgs.

    But there is no logic in your story.
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    No reason for them to get model updates, especially not in WoD where they won't be present since there didn't live any Furbolgs on Draenor.

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    This is something I thought about..Whats going to happen to the unplayable races when the new models are implemented? Is it going to be like the "big cat" models are now?

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