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    Quote Originally Posted by VeganHunter View Post
    The one piece of armor, weapon, pet, mount, or whatever, that you want above all else, that you can't seem to acquire?
    I have run Karazhan every week, on at least 5 toons (sometimes as many as 15), for YEARS... and Attumen's Fiery Warhorse Reigns simply will not drop for me. I have had Ashes of Alar drop three times and I have run the Eye far (far, far) fewer times.

    I would give up, but I just can't bring myself to do it.

    The same goes for the Baron's horse in Strat. I have run that dungeon at least a thousand times; probably double that, but I stopped counting a long time ago.

    Fuck those mounts.

    My aunt (who's a total scrub player) got the Baron's steed on her first run of the place at level...

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    Headless Horseman's Steed. Despite having done the Headless Horseman since he came out, genuinely killing him over 2000 times when he dropped the mount himself, and having killed him every week since they attached the Horse to the daily satchel, I still have yet to get one. On the other hand every single person I was running with when the mount dropped off of him got it and even got it on some of their alts. We had 7 of us who switched in and out to give additional attempts at it each with 4-5 alts. On average we would kill him 57-102 times a day, and we saw a grand total of 6 Headless Horseman's Steeds drop and I won 0 of them.
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    Betrayer of Humanity from Naxx25. I have soloed KT countless times in MoP but it never drops. Even in WotLK it took many runs to see one drop, and when it did, it always got ninjaed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemp View Post
    Cursed vision of Sargeras... its a 14% drop chance and I have never seen it drop throughout some 50 runs.
    50 more runs and you should have 14 of them… statistically ;P

    I don't really know. I've been on a losing streak against hunters on my WW monk recently, but it's not over items I've been trying to get for a long time.

    I guess the Kara mount, although I've only tried twice or something.

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    I'm yet to see Evil Eye of Galakras drop, and I haven't seen any other strength trinkets drop in any SoO mode, either. I'm still stuck with the Isle of Thunder valor trinket and the Timeless Isle trinket.

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    Eye of sulfuras... Been farming Molten core almost every weeks since mid wrath and havent seen it drop, seen several of both bindings however, even both in the same run.

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    "White whale"? You do not even want to know what that saying means in my country lol.
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    Any one-handed weapon from SoO lfr, or lfr in general. All dps is derived from AP for monks and I cant seem to get any weapons!

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    Thoks tail tip. Grr ive used 3 coins each and every week and nopeeeeee
    I solo stuff. I do deepz. I raid. What else do i want? Oh yeah. loot. give me loot. Cookie for loot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeyray View Post
    Spiteblade, a sword from karahzan that sheaths on the back.

    There's a 1H sword that drops in heroic Magisters Terrace that attaches to your back as well just in case you didn't know. My rogue has it and it looks damn cool.

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    Time to raid with the guild.

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    Onyxian Drake and the last two achievements for Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider.

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    the insane title. always begin the process of getting it, then get bored as all holy hell with it and give up.
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    Headless Horseman mount. I've done it every day of hallows end on multiple chars since 2006 and i still havent gotten it

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