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    Has nothing to do with WoD. It's a normal retail server, just usually invisible outside Blizzard offices.

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    Maybe it is a GM test realm, maybe they've always had them and one just accidentally wound up being listed?
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    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    Really to 100% prove this all you would need to record you opening a fresh realm list file and then start the game from your Wow.exe and I still would be skeptical.
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    What would be the purpose of faking this? He isn't showing anything cool or anything interesting. Just "GM test realm"
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    I'm also going to say that the fact Chaud isn't posting this as interesting enough to warrant attention >.>
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    Halflife 3 confirmed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerkked View Post
    What would be the purpose of faking this? He isn't showing anything cool or anything interesting. Just "GM test realm"
    Pretty much.

    I mean would anyone be surprised in the slightest that GMs have realms to test things on? IE Try to duplicate things in-game / fix things that are broken without any chance of actually breaking anything on a realm where players are playing? You think they don't have their own versions of the test realms as well?

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    Not surprising. It happens from time to time. It doesn't necessarily mean anything. Beta realms don't generally appear on live client lists - DB query will have a specific clause in it to only return LIVE servers that the accessing account should have access to.

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    Maybe it is a GM test realm, maybe they've always had them and one just accidentally wound up being listed?
    They have. There's internal realms named after many of the different developers at Blizzard which are usually used for them to test various things. If I remember correctly, the art team have like 15 realms named after people in that team allowing them to test out various changes and art assets without affecting people in other teams. Ditto for the other teams. They're internal only and some of them run modified maps specifically for testing specific changes (such as terrain shaders).

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    Blizzard actually never said they'd never do classic, TBC etc servers. As for now they're not doing it, and its not on their to do list for the future. Which means they haven't actually said "It's never coming, period" I think. Well I'm hoping someday we'll get to play Classic, TBC and WotLK. Or maybe we wont, only time will tell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyseria View Post
    With launch from client?
    I'm not here to say you are using a private server, but only that I have run my oen in the past just to play with it, and the way it works, you can use the launcher to login to a private server.

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    The realms were (maybe still are) available to people at Dreamhack.
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    Either it's a realm to test the Heirloom Mailing or....

    Ghostcrawler left so they need to train a new Lead Designer

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    Oh man the downfall after Ghostcrawler's dispatch has already began!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dohm View Post
    The realms were (maybe still are) available to people at Dreamhack.

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    Just for internal use, it is to much for you to know so much

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    WoW subscribers are rising massively again, and new servers are required!
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    Maybe a glitch ?
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    If Warlords of Dreanor is available to test at Dreamhack, they may have put in a VPN to the Blizzard offices to allow connection to the alpha servers.

    If this is the case, any IP-filter flagged realms would also appear to anyone whom logged in with their standard account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KClovesGaming View Post
    My guess is it is an actual realm, but it was typed as 'GM-Test Realm" by mistake. Only way to know for sure is to do a /who or see if you can do anything crazy. lol
    You would need a client-side program with admin/service gm stuff. you coudln't do shit without the proper flags on such a realm :P
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