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    Quote Originally Posted by Slashcry86 View Post
    do tanks need to tank warrior who do bladestorm ?
    No, just have ranged dps it last of all. You can stun it etc.

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    Sounds like a DPS problem. If 3 adds start spawning before you reach 10%... everything gets worse.

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    1. Focus fire the adds down.
    2. Don't assign dps to different targets.
    3. Nuke the Shaman/Arcwwaver > Assasin > Ironblade > Sniper
    4. Interrupt the Arcweaver
    5. Stun the Ironblade
    6. Slow/Root the Assasin
    7. Don't DPS Nazgrim in defensive stance.
    8. Use CDs at the start
    9. Bloodlust at second Berserking stance and use BL again or at 10%
    10. Loot.

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    one shot the boss today

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    At 15% or massive add spawn.
    1. One tank picks boss.
    2. Second tank picks all damn trash.
    3. BL/HER.
    4. Tunnel boss.
    5. Profit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slashcry86 View Post
    Hey me and my friends we formed a new guild we are not the best but we trying to clear SoO

    our setup

    tanks : dk and warrior
    healers : priest , shaman and pala
    dps : dk , warrior , ele shaman , warlock , hunter

    Must of ppl 547 and less our holy pala 520 so yes we cant faceroll the boss

    we always have trouble when the 3 adds start to spawn and have no problem with 2 adds

    i assist hunter on rogue to slow him and warrior on mage always if they spawn and other dps prio shaman>mage>rogue>hunter

    our tanks swap on 3 stacks

    but when 3 adds spawn everything going crazy any tips or idea ? ( we are tanking the boss when he stand )
    Set up CC chain who does what on who. Being able to repeatedly stun(+silence/interrupt) Shamans and Arcane dudes is important
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmokri View Post
    At 15% or massive add spawn.
    1. One tank picks boss.
    2. Second tank picks all damn trash.
    3. BL/HER.
    4. Tunnel boss.
    5. Profit.
    Yea that is the best tact for progressing group. The boss spawns adds at 10% no mater do there, is another group or another group will come to spawn and most likely you will get crowded by adds. Most of ppl make the terrible mistake to try to kill the adds but that is prety damn hard if you dint have sick gear and waste of time if you have it.So when boss gets to 10% make sure that shamans and aronblades are on the other way on the map with the tank and just kite asasins around till you dps the boss use roots and slows of them so they not be big issue for the players who they chase

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