This is probably not the place, but I have a quick question if someone can answer:

I am not sure if the digital deluxe edition has a reduced price if you already have MoP purchased earlier.
The current prices are:
Normal digital edition:
34.99 €
- 71%
10.00 €

Deluxe digital edition:
49.99 €
- 49%
25.00 €

Now, I have MoP already and it's 15.00 euro to purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition, but I think that price is the same as before they introduced the holiday promotion. Can anyone confirm this?

The normal price for MoP is 34.99 for Deluxe is 49.99 and when you have already MoP normal it's 15 euro for the rest. Why are they not doing a price discount if you have MoP already? I don't get it.