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    A Lot of Herbs

    Greetings all. First time poster, long time visitor.

    I currently have a lot of MoP herbs (about 2 guild banks full), and was wondering what to do with them all. Stacks sell for very little on my server, so I thought maybe milling them all and just making darkmoon cards out of them. But given how it's so late in the expansion, they don't sell very well anymore.

    Any suggestions? I have alts with all professions covered.

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    I've just ben milling all herbs and turning them into shoulder enchants and selling those.

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    Mill -> shoulder enchants
    Mill -> ink for long haul glyph creation

    Potion of luck
    Int/agi/str potion

    Those are really the only outlets.

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    Personally I'd go for milling and turning into inks, then either wait for WoD prepatch when there are undoubtedly going to be glyph changes again OR sell them raw to people that are on the glyph market. In the latter case you are mostly selling the time you spent milling though and not the herbs. Selling glyphs before pre-patch can be a decent profit maker, but it requires a LOT of attention and proper planning, perhaps more then a few tabs of herbs is worth.
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    Take your green tea leaves and make the greater healing potion/mana potion. I sell those quite a bit. Other than that I make the potions and send them to my toons that can use them or guildies.

    You could make a shit ton of potions - and maybe find a raiding guild on ur server and see if they might be interested in buying the bulk pots.
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    Thanks all for the advice. For now I've started milling them and am slowly putting up shoulder enchants on the AH. They only go for 200-300g on my server so I don't want to flood the market to much. I may have to look in to a few raiding guilds though and see if they need flask/pots. I never thought of that. Thanks.

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