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    Hello all, Thanks for reading my post.....

    My question to the Death knights is, Aren't you guys disappointed in the dps we are producing compared to other classes @ the iLvL555+ ? Right now IM an officer/raid leader in a 25 man 14/14 going into heroic guild. I have had no problems ranking on for Death knights in the Unholy and Frost DPS specs. But now since most of us are getting to the 565++ iLvL gear point...... IM really starting to see my numbers not change and other classes booming pass us. I really find this discouraging.

    I consider myself a very very good Death knight since he has been my main since WoTLK and the fact that we are ranked like 20th overall for all DPS specs is really dishearten...... Anyone else feel this way?

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    Well it could be worst you could be playing a game that unless your class is one of the top DPS class in the game no one wants you.... I been to a few of them already. Here is how it looks like.

    or if you don by ilevel

    (PS: Next Priest and Paladins are going to come in here and say their DPS sucks worst and they need better dps)
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