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    I farm lots and lots of iron ore. Currently selling for 50-60g a stack on KT

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    I love being able to queue for multiple LFR destinations now; I usually queue for two-three. While wait...let's see. Farm, mining for various crafting, the Timeless Isle, and dailies for spare gold and filling in incomplete reps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shmeh View Post
    I'd suggest hunters that do LFR get a sporebat. Please. Just have one. Get it while you wait for the queue, that'll pass some time The amount of times I queue on my mage to blow shit up for friends alts and end up with no haste buff is fucking baffling. I think a combined 6 people play ele/boomkin/spriest on US servers.
    No. I love my ghost kitty.

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    I've got my 4pc bonus now, and wrists from Ordos, so I'm happy right now. Thanks for the replies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shmeh View Post
    That's a fantastic sporebat name.
    I call mine "FrakSporebats."
    "It was the product of a mind so twisted, it was actually sprained." -Douglas Adams

    Quote Originally Posted by nurabsal View Post
    on an aside, i think Bane Falcon might be my hero
    2-2-2012. We shall always remember the day where Paladins ascended through the Light to become GODS.

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    Play Hearthstone, solo warbringers, grind valor, or eat a meal. There's not a whole lot else to do.

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    I kind of wish I could queue LFR on one toon and grind TI on another toon. The toon I want in LFR has enough Lesser Charms to bury Azeroth, and the other toons I actually want to grind coins to get Burdens.

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    I play other games or watch streams.

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    If I'm ever queued for LFR on my hunter, I'm working on my Disengaging in Shrine. I've gotten running in on my rocket boots, jumping on the table on one balcony and jumping and disengaging to the other balcony down to a science. Now I'm working on disengaging through each room of Shrine without ever touching the ground by using boxes, walls, etc.

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    I think that hunters should turn pack on 100% of the time during LFR, eventually Blizzard will get the message and remove the daze effect.

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    I ethier leather or other things
    2. do homework pokemon x on my DS
    4. dallies or timeless isle

    thx shiri for sig[Kael'thas US] {Hunter ilvl 548}; Neltharions Fury

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    Mostly been doing archelolololgy and some pet battles, but other than that, standing still
    Would like to log on an alt while still being in que on another toon!

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    Crap, archaeology. Forgot about that completely. Problem is, only toons I bothered to level archaeology on were my (discipline) priest and my (guardian) druid. Instant queues....ftl?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elliebean View Post
    I alt-tab and do other shit while I listen for the que to pop.
    Yeah, that's what I do most of the time.

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