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    Quote Originally Posted by eschatological View Post
    Can hunters do it? We have no ranged pets, ours would have to stand in melee and get hit in the face by the boss.

    Unless it's one of those weird hitbox bosses where you can stand outside of melee range (of the boss) and sitll hit him from melee.
    Get the glyph that lets you chain MD to your pet, put your pet on passive & standing ~30 yards to your right, kgo. You'll need to remember to keep the MD refreshed constantly, but it should work fine.

    You'd also need to be a bit more careful on the damage, but deterrence will deal with the slime explosions from p2 even better than a lock & your healing talent tier should be enough to clean up any incidental damage.

    Can Windserpents sit at range & spam lightning bolt? If so, that'd make it a bit easier on the MDing.

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    No, wind serpents do melee damage, like every hunter pet.

    I suppose this means hunters have to be SV for this fight. I imagine with deterrence/spirit bond this fight'd be a joke.

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    I need to learn how Blizzard reply to people.
    They're not offending them but they're not saying : "yes too" or apologize to every replies.
    I kinda admire them for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inveracity View Post
    That's what I was afraid of! Nowhere close to his item level.
    You can still do it, just takes longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    That enforces my point even more.
    Lol, go on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alski View Post
    Raegwyn solo'd Marrowgar at 80 in wrath, your complaints are invalid :P

    Feral druids could reach 100% evasion by the end of T6. Twas a fun time
    I also remember a rogue hitting 100% evasion and doing Gruul solo back in TBC. People will always find shit to complain about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ambushu View Post
    Am I the only one thinking how fucking bullshit this is? If you have a class like a warlock soloing current content, then IMO, blizz is doing it wrong. Back in Wrath and the previous expansions, this was IMPOSSIBLE to do.

    come on really? i remember warlocks soloing hydross in burning crusade so don't tell me its "impossible". its happened every expansion before and will continue after. The sentiment "theres always someone better" comes to mind

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    Gaeowyn didn't solo content (even Gruul was 5 manned) he only did it because his guild's tanks kept getting poached by better guilds on the server.
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    Quote Originally Posted by muto View Post
    I'm pretty sure this is an old video. When he enrages he one shots the raid now. I know this because we were doing the achievement for it a few weeks ago, and he berserked cause we took our jolly time with stopping oozes from reaching the middle.
    Video was posted on Nov. 20th. Also, we're talking about a pet class.

    Quote Originally Posted by zoomgpally View Post
    really? if you got 2 accounts with 11 characters on each... many of those doing older lfrs for legendary quests, all doing soo...
    The person is convinced that if you have less than perfect memory, you've got issues.
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