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    Quote Originally Posted by Haidaes View Post
    Reading comprehension, dear sir. He never said the reward was not worth it, he said the concept of grinding it and then you only can buy it felt not very rewarding. Soab Hao is kind of a dick in that regard, he just floats there and sends you to decimate the evil on-flame youngol and then when you finally reach exalted with him he charges you 150k coins. You also get only a single mount, not even a few diffrent colors.
    Nobody's forcing you to do the grind. I looked at the mount, looked at the time investment, and decided I wasn't interested. I don't see why people are acting so entitled to an easy grind for a vanity reward. If it was for 566 gear, sure. But a mount?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NonameXADX View Post
    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Dailies, honestly I really do. Timeless Isle is a nice alternative I guess but meh would much rather have more dailies.
    I might not love them as much as you but I do like dailes. I hope in the future Blizzard balances more, and not have it 100% "dynamic" content like timeless isle. GW2 tried the dynamic shit and it didn't work very well there needs to be some sort of structure/goals ( not for everyone but for most). I think both systems have they're place and should be used, also the weekly quests that have been apart of MoP since ( think 5.2) are great and should be re-used going forward.

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    Personally I like the way Timeless Isle is set up. Maybe add a bit more and it's extremely good. I prefer the isle over dailies any day of the week. You can just go about your business, pick up the few dailies that are there and start killing stuff, regular mobs and rares etc.
    You get timeless coins from everywhere decent gear for alts. And you can set your own pace really. Might be because I'm more of a casual player that it appeals to me, but the fact that I am no longer blocked by a limit of possible dailies in an area feels great for me. Now I don't feel like I have to login each day to prevent falling behind on my own schedules. If I can't make it day one, I can always spend more time doing it on another day and compensate that way.
    Loving it and I hope it stays and gets expanded in WoD.

    P.S. Judging by the poll on the frontpage today, almost 50% of playerbase seems to also enjoy the Timeless isle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loneli View Post
    Nobody's forcing you to do the grind. I looked at the mount, looked at the time investment, and decided I wasn't interested. I don't see why people are acting so entitled to an easy grind for a vanity reward. If it was for 566 gear, sure. But a mount?
    It is hard to get for a reason. As a pvper I personally love timeless Isle(besides the pve gods). Finally I have new content to do as a pvp player.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mulled View Post
    too bad knowing GC he will still effect the next two expansions the way blizzard plan ahead
    He won't be around as a developer for when WoD is released so I doubt that theory. He will continue to play WoW though. Maybe you'll speak to him in game sometime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raggamasta View Post
    I grinded all the 535 items and also got to exalted in the first week. Didn't even feel like a grind, tbh Timeless Isle is a huge improvement compared to regular daily quests.
    And how about the items for the achievement that only drop from rare mobs and have about a 2-3% drop chance? I'm talking about the pets and other items for this achieve?

    I haven't really bothered with the isle much because it's incredibly dull. I've got most of the less grindy achieves and 3 or 4 of the pets and can't be bothered with the rest because it's just camping or running around in circles hoping you run into 1 of the rare mobs that are normally only alive for about 1 min each.

    I much preferred the operation shield wall quests or Isle of Thunder zone to Timeless isle.

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    I dislike dailies because there's no catch-up mechanic, and no way to get a bit of extra stuff done if I have extra time to burn.

    Let's say I have a busy week and can only log in 4/7 days, but on 2 of those days (weekend) I can play for like 8 hours straight each day. With the Timeless Isle, that's fine because I can get in some rare kills on all 4 days, and on those 2 hardcore days I can catch up the time I missed when I couldn't log in. With dailies, I get 4 days of dailies in and 3 days worth disappear forever, never to be seen again. Then I'm left with practically nothing to do with all that extra time I have on those 2 days, and no way to make up the time I lost.

    The concept of a daily reset without a catch-up is frustrating because it makes logging in and doing the same 15 quests, consistently, every day, feel mandatory or else you're missing out on potential rep/gear/gold/whatever. Timeless Isle means I can use my time when I have it and I'm not losing anything by missing a few days because I can always play for a while extra to catch up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaneiac View Post
    Because that's not how Blizzard operates. For 9 years, they've over-corrected every single thing they've done. Too hard, too casual, too hard, too casual. Too buffed, too nerfed, too buffed, too nerfed. etc. I think it's actually impossible for them to get something right.
    Ah yes. So much truth here. Really though, we could use with some diversity with new means of content and a mix of daily/grind. Should always be some level of rarity via rng and some through gradual progress ala dailies/5.1 story and whatnot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soeroah View Post
    I'd rather kill a rare once a day, have a modified drop rate for that, and not be able to loot it for the rest of the day. At least then you can 'finish' for the day and do other, more fun stuff.
    I agree with this actually. But Timeless Isle and the rares somehow don't feel like work like dailies do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loneli View Post
    Nobody's forcing you to do the grind. I looked at the mount, looked at the time investment, and decided I wasn't interested. I don't see why people are acting so entitled to an easy grind for a vanity reward. If it was for 566 gear, sure. But a mount?
    Well he claimed to be a collector, which means the mount is probably worth it to him. He said he didn't enjoy it though and I wonder who seriously enjoyed grinding that reputation? In the end its occupational therapy that just feels neither fullfilling nor engaging.

    Quote Originally Posted by Soeroah View Post
    The fact that there's no daily limit on those rares is extremely aggravating to certain types of people.

    I'd rather kill a rare once a day, have a modified drop rate for that, and not be able to loot it for the rest of the day. At least then you can 'finish' for the day and do other, more fun stuff.

    There is apparently a hidden daily quest associated with every rare that dictates the loot is will drop. Ever noticed the decrease in coins after killing the first time this day? There is/was a discussion if this affects the drop chance of rare items as well.
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    Timewaster Isle bored me after 2 days time. Haven't logged onto WoW since except a couple of times to talk to friends, and once because I like the Halloween stuff.

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    Dailies suck.

    Anything that encourages you to login and do it every single day is bad design imo. You should be able to feel like you can go do other things in your life without thinking about wow every day without feeling like you're gimped or have fallen behind when you do get back to the game. I prefer the system where you can just do it as much as you want and are rewarded for time spent. So you can grind it all out in a day if you want, or take your time and casually work on it as much as you want, etc. No feeling like you HAVE to be there and get it done, etc.

    I'm ok with weeklies. Doing something once a week is fine, but every day is nuts.
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    I appreciate Blizzard didn`t make timeless Isle mandatory to gear up for raids and stuff . It`s under my dignity as a player to chase animals and farm rocks. Imo its a all time rock bottom humiliation for casual pve players . 50 ppl zerging around a patch of earth chasing snakes and birds and cats and opening boxes, how hardcore is that?!

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    I find myself going to timeless isle way more than I ever went to Isle of Thunder. And I don't go often, just as needed to get extra valor for cap or upgrade.
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    Why would anyone grind TI when the content is basically over?
    Why would anyone grind TI if he doesn't like it?

    Retired raider coming back for WoD.

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    I'm looking forward to a good mix of dailies in a Timeless Isle-like area, where you pick up the quests, head in that direction and get sidetracked by rares or treasure chests, and get some decent goodies from the mobs you have to kill.

    Think, Isle of Thunder meets Timeless Isle.

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    The only good thing from the Timeless Isle is that item that allows you to attack and be attacked by your own faction. That was loads of fun for a while. The rest of it, grind model, 'dynamic' events, and whatever else justification they used, is just horrible, horrible design.

    I rather have the regular factions, with dailies available, maybe bring back the tabard usage for rep in dungeons, or other things they might think about.

    I really, really hope they don't carry on down this route in WoD.

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    You know the only reason I visit the Timeless Isle anymore? The daily and weekly quest. The rest is just me getting sidetracked by rares and other shiny things while doing those.

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    I don't entirely get why there are so many people on the Isle. There isn't really anything all that great to spend coins on unless you farm tons and tons of them. But with that time, you could have just raided and got better gear instead.

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    While i think Timeless isle isn't necessarily the way WoD end game content will work, it's certainly the way forward. Now, they've basicaly got free 496(and 535 for a bit more work) as a means of catchup which won't be there so much next ex pac. But the exploration, rares, secrets, chests, etc is great. Now, Dailys have their place, but there has to be a low limit and it has to be the right content. That's fine. It's not fine when you have over 30 dailys per day you really need to keep up with if you wish to keep your character up to date.

    I'm gearing a new 90, and i'm somewhat drawn to the lottery aspect of Timless isle, but the big point is last night i decided to not go there. What did i lose? Nothing. Not really. I can go there as much time as i want, when i want. It's all about the leisure of playing how you like. When you log in one day(Or can't play for a certain time) and you know there's a ton of dailys waiting to be done, it's not really a choice.
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