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    Quote Originally Posted by Hatelocker View Post
    I like destro personally. However, I think we can safely say the hate comes from your lil black warlock heart as it should.
    I feel like destro has no rewards for skilled play outside havoc usage which is a really cheesy and clumsy spell to use most of the time imo.
    You do the same rotation (almost) while single targeting and aoeing. When you realise that you should CB during procs you are good to go kinda. It's not a terrible spec by any means, but it feels too easy and bores you out. It needs another spell or something added in somewhere.

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    I'd sign what Tramzh said, although I don't think that adding one spell would help making the specc more attractive. Some mechanic, that kind of synergizes with our ember-ressource however would.
    I personally would rather see demonology on top of the warlock speccs right now, rather then destruction on nearly every single boss (except for the fallen protectors).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tramzh View Post
    I feel like destro has no rewards for skilled play outside havoc usage which is a really cheesy and clumsy spell to use most of the time imo.
    You do the same rotation (almost) while single targeting and aoeing. When you realise that you should CB during procs you are good to go kinda. It's not a terrible spec by any means, but it feels too easy and bores you out. It needs another spell or something added in somewhere.
    This, and its so affected by movement.

    I mean moving from time to time is fine, but when your doing a Chaos Bolt with full procs, and you get hit by some ability, your dps goes to hell.

    As Aff/Demo it seems to hurt way less, even without playing with KJC.

    I hope next expo they remove KJC, or / and make it equally (bad) for all specs - because I feel like those mechs have to go.

    Fix Fury Regen, I rather wanna do less dmg with Fury, and have more to spend - Demon Form is what makes the spec fun for me atleast.

    And maybe make Chaos Wave better than HoG, I feel that mech is weird :P

    I fear for the snapshotting nerf (for especially Aff), but lets see what they will implement to make the spec fun. Its my favourite spec right now, but removing this without some kind of new mech/thing to do, will kill the spec (Atleast for me).

    I enjoy dpsing alot since I went AD on all fights, mostly because the old "min max" of movement comes into play again.

    I hope they make Affliction / Demo multi target worse and buff Aff AoE - Way to good on Council type fights...., and well... They could bring us more in line with some specs - but I still feel like locks should be one of the top classes, because even tho Gateway/SoloSoak (Dark Bargain)/Healthstone are great utility - Its not as good as HOTW Tranq, and such.

    But I am just biased, I like the lock class overall so much
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    Everyone who does not miss Vanilla has no heart. Whoever wishes it back has no brain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kardacz View Post
    I doubt there will be any nerfs outside of just numbers.

    But I sure do wish they'd axe Soulburn: Soul Swap.
    ^Remove soulswap (or go back to 30sec CD based thing at least?)

    Remove portal, or share it over other classes.

    Put a channel time back on RoF (/dreams), or let me cast it at my target instead of a location.

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    Looking at the wording of some of the new talents and abilities it sounds like they are adding a cap dots that are applied from aoe. An example would be shadow flame from hand doing less damage if it hits more than 10 targets.

    Dots not snapshotting seems more like more of a nerf to the warlocks complexity rather than their dps. They always make huge changes to numbers like this and then rebalance them.

    I wouldn't be surprised if cast while moving is gone, probably from most classes.

    It also seems likely like people above have stated that they will get rid of some of the ways warlocks get a bunch of their resources back, from enemy deaths and aoe. I hope not because having different ways of approaching each fight is fun.

    Half the reason I kept playing my warlock this expansion was because mages have been so stagnant while warlocks have a lot of toys and their dps rotations are really fun and have a lot of room to grow. I really hope they don't go through with some of the changes they have talked about.

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    I would rather have Demo/Aff be the best specs with the most BORING and least interesting spec be at the bottom.. (Destro)

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    Quote Originally Posted by xskarma View Post
    I think it's VERY premature to just assume we are going to be less effective in DPS next expansion. I don't actually see how you can talk about nerfed when there's a complete overall class revamping going to happen, and a reallignment of balance with level 100 and level 100 talents in mind. In short it's going to be a whole new game, with no actual point in between now and then connecting it where we can say "we were nerfed compared to then". The situation will have changed too much to compare the 2.

    Then there's the fact that we have 3 DPS specs, and that 1 of them is usually effective enough to be in a good position, even if the other 2 are not, and I think we'll be fine.
    What I want for them to do is give us tri-spec and make ALL THREE specs viable and competitive at the top level.

    One can only dream...

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    I don't get the hate towards Destruction. If you don't like it, don't play it, you still have 2 very different specs to suit your desires, but there's no need to even wish the spec should be bad and bottom on dps and all.

    I love Destruction, and no matter what other thinks, I think it's the best Destruction version we've got since vanilla. Our new resource is amazing, if anything I'd make mana reg a bit slower, but other than that it feels unique and works like a charm, while I find hurting yourself in order to reg. some mana is an outdated mechanic. Embers are perfect. I love our new AoE playstyle because Destruction never ever had a real nor strong AoE, Melee Shadowflame+Shadowfury+Spam Channeled RoF = clunky, while now we've got the F&B mechanic (which requires 3 spells btw) and a much more interesting and fun RoF, so I find it unbelievable someone in this thread wants RoF back as a channeling spell. Havoc is awesome, both as an ember filler and consumer. Our rotation is simpler (finally), yes, but works better and has room for mistakes and reactions, while in Cataclysm it had so much to track and too many short cd's while also being in melee range, not to mention improved Soul Fire, that whenever you forgot something or had to react to a fight you lost a lot of dps, and no, being force to react to something is not skill.

    If anything Destruction does need something else to push in between Incinerate spamming, a proc and/or an additional different spell would be perfect.

    So please, stop bashing your own class, even if you don't like one of the specs, it's not beneficial for the class per se. Instead, go bash rogues and mages as a good warlock would do

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    Get rid of stupid gateway. Being balanced arround something as buggy and limited as gateway is today is complete trash. They can fix our mobility for pve and pvp relying on it is a nightmare.

    But if they fix it and get it to work like 5.1, great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jessicka View Post
    I doubt that they'll take anything away, although I have said before that I think Gateway is a candidate for being shared with some other class. The rest is just numbers balance which will be broadly fixed with snapshotting going. I don't think there's anything else particularly mechanically egregious going on.

    I personally cannot imagine they share something as big as gateway with others..
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    In fact, I'd argue $100 for a bottle of scotch to drink while you're building it would be the best use of your money - but then, who wouldn't?

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    I don't want to give my gateway to anyone.
    Also I would like all three speccs to be as close (DPS-wise) as possible. I enjoy Destruction since TBC, don't want to have to specc Demo at any cost!

    Anyway, why so sure that we will lose some of our gimmicks? Was that stated somewhere and I missed it?

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    hope they kill SB:SS and get back to dot casting. gateway can eat shit and die.
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    nerf malefic grasp power on DoTs and juat have it as a static damage tool. I love the idea of channeling but it's daft it's required to get full power out of dots with it 9.9

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naztrak View Post
    hope they kill SB:SS and get back to dot casting. gateway can eat shit and die.
    I hope they don't take away Sb:SS. I'm enjoying it.

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    Doom now removes an Imp if it doesn't crit.
    Fury gain is halfed, all Fury costs doubled.
    Soulfire doesn't guarantee crit now.
    Imp spawn rates are 1/minute now.

    There, that seems about right for how Blizz would "balance" Demo.

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    Just give destruction a different way to aoe, being able to aoe without losing single target dps is broken as hell... | Recruiting exceptional players!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntingbear_grimbatol View Post
    Just give destruction a different way to aoe, being able to aoe without losing single target dps is broken as hell...
    We don't Chaos Bolt in aoe rotation. Isn't that about same as Ele shaman work?

    Don't expect any overall dps nerfs. We are pure class and we will be top, maybe behind fire mages now but we need to be close to top to be viable. Could maybe see Shadowburn getting nerfed (strongest execute in game by miles) with added bonus like 50% damage on next incinerate to not make it worse than CB. Gateway will stay, in fact it could even get more/infinite charges so single lock will provide raid-wide support, 60sec debuff is main limitation (I hate this spell... so much prepull preparation, disappears and roots us in area, like teleport wasn't enough), so will Healthstones, because of the ->20 man raid change you are expected to have at least one lock in raid (though could see maybe cooking making Cupcake stand, 3 charges restoring 15% hp each and sharing cd?). Affliction will most likely need a huge buff to work after taking away dot snapshot. Wish WoL didn't track overkill in damage so we could see how OP 'really' are Destro, because I suspect if you take out SB fluff damage that we aren't best dps at all, though with superior survivality (we lost 10% passive Fel Armor and then get Glyph that gives us this back, really smart move).

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    i have to laugh at the ppl that think soul swap should be removed, as its a clear indication that they didnt play old school afflic back when you had 4-5 dots to hard cast and stacking shadow dmg buff that stacked up only when casting shadow bolt(if i remember correctly), there was a reason why we got soul swap and that was to save us some much needed ramp up time, imagine multidotting without it, you'd be better off running around like a headless chicken coz by the time you got your last dot up(on a fight like fallen protectors) you'd have to start over, would be hell on earth going back to that.

    also im fairly sure i saw a blue write that dot specs, particularly spriests and afflic will get compensation for the loss of dot snapshotting, which makes me think they want afflic to do the same amount of dmg as it does now or close to it which means overall buffs at the very least.

    and whats up with ppl that want nerfs to destro simply bcoz they dont like it? no1 forces you to play the spec, both demo and afflic is viable, hell demo is only a few hundred dps behind destro single target, so if you cant keep up, then maybe you should consider that it might be a l2play issue and afflic does extremely well on short fights like malkorok and iron juggernaut where it tends to be the best spec you can use atm.

    now i agree destro can be quite boring single target, i feel it is missing a proc of some kind, maybe something similar to that of frost mage's finger's of frost which would allow you to cast a shadowburn as if the target had under 20% hp but in a relatively short window, say 5 secs but possibly at a lower dmg, as it would prolly be too powerful at full dmg and its not like shadow burn is spammable at sub 20%, so i cant really see it needing a nerf in terms of dmg unless its execute range increases(from sub 20% to maybe sub 35%)

    and to the OP, i think it premature to assume we're getting nerfed next expansion, as we havent gotten any info on what they are going to do to the classes and they have already said afflic will get compensated for the removal of dot snapshotting(from what ive heard), lets atleast wait until the beta b4 to start to assume possible nerfs, coz the facts are that we have no info at all except that they are removing dot snapshotting and that we'll get a compensation in return which atleast leads me to believe that our dots will do the same proportion of dmg as they do now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JV Chequer View Post
    Don't care if warlock goes to the ground or skyrocket everyone, I just wanna play this amazing class.

    I think the way the dots work in WOD will need some revamp on Affliction.
    Destro probably will get some nerf in how mastery or AOE works.
    DEMO is fine.
    they could easily "dumb" demo down a bit, the skill cap to play it properly seems a bit high to me, but that might just be that i never bothered to play it much.

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