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    So, how many warlocks do you have on serious raids?

    Just a funny qeustion, how many raiding warlocks does your guild have currently? (members and trials).

    I will start with mine.......

    7 + a casual who, until recently, was our best geared warlock.
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    we have two main warlocks on our raid team but most if not all have a geared alt lock (545)

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    we only have two on the active roster right now, with a 3rd occasional.

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    Three main Warlocks and one trial, so we usually have 4 warlocks in a raid.

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    1 active Warlock (that's me). Total active roster is ... hrm, less than 25, more than 20, not sure off top of my head.
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    Every raid I'm in has locks. My Flex group has 2, sometimes 3, and my progression 10 run has one.

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    Four. In 25m of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuiking View Post
    Just a funny qeustion, how many raiding warlocks does your guild have currently? (members and trials).
    1 - Me.

    Fun Fact: I've never been in a guild with another person playing the same spec MS as myself.

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    1 in our 10-man.
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    2. me and the main core lock hes 574 or so im 571 lol. our alt run is at heroic thok and the main is at heroic paragons. (had blackfuse on farm for a few weeks now)

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    I think we have 2 that go on the serious raids. That is 10 man HM. About 10 all in all. Rogues is what we are really low on.
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    Only two active warlocks, and I'm one of them, so I don't really count. 25 man.

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    My last raid team had 2 warlocks, current raid team has 1.

    But then, warlocks were more useful than they are in Siege. Not to say warlocks aren't useful in siege, but they were game changers in TOT.

    10-man raids of course.
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    Between 1 and 3, with one being the most common. (10 man)

    The responses are gonna be a bit skewed with this in the warlock forum.
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    In our active roster (10 man) we have 1 lock... Me. there are 3 more alter warlocks in the guild

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    Our flex group, which has 12-15 people most nights, regularly has 2 warlocks and sometimes has 3.

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    3 Warlocks, 1 raider and 2 trial. We have like 3 or 4 Warlock alts who are 555+ for alt raids, sometimes we do our 10m alt raids with 3 Warlocks, because fuck logic.

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    yesterday i saw 580 lock with 1.360.000 hp

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    yesterday i saw 580 lock with 1.360.000 hp
    Not difficult if you run Soul Link + Sac.

    On topic our 25man group runs 3 locks.

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