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    DoT Tracking Woes

    Hello all! I'm not sure if this has been asked before, it seems like it would have, but I couldn't find it, and so I apologize in advance if this is a often repeated question.

    I'm trying to find a way to track my DoTs more effectively. Neither of the two systems I am currently working with are what I would like, and I am curious if there is a workaround. What I am using now is the name plate add-on in ElvUI, and before that I used Tidy Plates with the same issue. I also created a group in WeakAuras, and have my boss frames re-positioned and filtered to suit my needs.

    I mouse-over cast my DoTs. If I TARGET the mob, everything works beautifully. If I use Serpent Spread ( Serpent Sting applied to everything hit by Multi Shot ) or mouse-over on the target, Weak Auras populates a progress bar, but with no duration, a question mark in place of the DoT icon, and it sticks on my screen indefinitely. The two name plate add-ons that I've tried ( Though the one in ElvUI seems enough like TidyPlates that I think it might be ) do not show the DoT on the name plate if I hover over the actual target and cast. They do however populate if I hover over the nameplate and cast, but WeakAuras still doesn't work properly.

    Is this a limitation of the game? Have I set something up incorrectly? Is there perhaps another add-on that I could use to solve this?

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    There are addons that are made specifically to handle this. DoTimer is the one I'm thinking of, but there might not be a current, working version of it. I'm not sure. Here's a search:


    Also, it appears Raven has some multi-target DoT/HoT tracking built in. See the "Multi-Target Buff and Debuff Tracking" section of this page:

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