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    u should probly get the tank one, dps one is for either tanks who wont do any real raiding at all (lfr, dungeons, etc), or for tanks in cuting edge guild with very trustworthy healers. if threat is an issue for you then ur doing something wrong and a dps cloak wont fix it

    I'd say the DPS one is better for blood(if you use Purgatory) 90% of the time.

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    the tank one then, the dps one is basically for when you know 100% you won't be dying and just want to push extra damage.
    ^ True enough

    Quote Originally Posted by Shiira View Post
    If you need to ask, take the tank cloak.
    ^ Kinda yeah, If you have to ask if you should use the DPS or tank one then the tank one will probably suit you best until you're more confident in yourself.

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    Get the tank one.

    It'll have more strength than any non-legendary DPS cloak, plus it's clutch for soloing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonath View Post
    You get the one that is made for you main spec, kind of a stupid question
    Sry, but that answer made me laugh a little bit.

    I don't know how far back in the days it had been that I realized, stuff "designed" for my class by Blizzard isn't always what let's me do my job most effective. Because, in the end, all that matters are those numbers and their timely alignment on the server. Not what had been "intended" by Blizzard. I guess you would' ve called those warriors back in BC all names you got when you ogled their leatherarmor. Still, warriors which knew what they'd been doing would've out-DPS-ed you by far.

    As for the back: it's a failsafe which might absorb your HP-Bar and bring you back to life with low HP. So there are two conditions to meet to make it useful:

    - the incoming damageovershoot doesn't exceed your full healthbar
    - it isn't immediately followed by significant damage

    Back during wrath, tanking had been all about aligning cooldowns to survive the big boom. Nowadays, the game is nearly void of these encounters. You got phases with high incoming damage, due to certain debuffs, adds or other stuff. It might help to survive a failed soak on Malkorok or stuff like that. But usually, when you die as a tank, your situation is already dire. And the cloak won't change that. It will prolong your life for roughly two seconds, maybe less.

    In short: to make use of the effect, you need instant healbombs exploding on your healthbar, delivered by more than one healer to get you back to a safe level. This functionality can be chosen as a talent, since we're DKs. Neat amounts of extra DPS aren't part of our talentchoices.
    Personally, the cloak reminded me somehow of the "angel of fail" - aka holy priest. All it does is prolong a wipe so you can't start anew as fast as you would've liked to do so.

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