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    Cool Who Voices the PCs of WoW?

    I've been doing a lot of crafting lately, talking to auctioneers for mats and all, and just came to the sudden realization that the male Tauren sound really, really familiar, like some actor from a 90s TV show or something.

    Anyways, who voices all of the player characters in WoW?

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    I know that the guy who played Worf (Star Trek TNG) did a bunch of the tauren voices.

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    Chris Metzen does about half of all Orcs, Trolls & Tauren.

    The lady who voiced Tyrande also does most female Night Elves and Trolls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strakha View Post
    I know that the guy who played Worf (Star Trek TNG) did a bunch of the tauren voices.
    Michael Dorn? He does Marcus in Fallout 2, Starcraft voices, Star Trek games, and Mass Effect 2

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    I know Cam Clarke voices the male blood elf. So every time I listen to a male blood elf, I think of Liquid Snake.
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